The Perfect Carryall for the Season: Market Baskets & Tote Bags

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We spent our first weekend of October at the Texas Renaissance Festival, thanks to a sweet invitation from some of our closest friends. It was a fairyland of beauty, in a pocket of lush trees and whimsical flower vines that dressed a 16th century British themed village. The dreamy woodland swings and the ethereal attire were some of my favorites, while the outdoor play and the jousting tournament were exciting moments for the kids. With the amazing experience that we had, the entire event ended up being the perfect festival to kick off this month of Fall celebrations. 

From here on out through November, festivals and market events are filling up the weekends. So, I thought it would be the best time to chat all about market baskets and tote bags! If I haven't already talked your ear off about them! They're that special carryall that so easily stores all the pretty home goods and trinkets that you'll be collecting along your fun adventures ... and that includes the pumpkin patch and apple picking at the orchard!

Some of my avorite styles include woven, circle, and drawstring tote bags. Navy is actually a favorite color of mine this Fall in accessories, so I love that Longchamp has one of my favorite totes in this classic rich color.

Here are some carryall's to fancy over, below:

Are there any Fall events you plan on attending this month or next?! I'd love to hear all about them in the comments below! Have a lovely week everyone!   

Warmly ~



  1. It has been so long since we've been to the Renaissance festival. I bet it was so much fun. And I too am loving that Navy tote. Have a great rest of your week.

  2. It was for me too, but there is so much now for the family! The festival runs through November, so if you can bring the family, I highly recommend it! So glad you love the Navy tote! It's really a great one! xo


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