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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Let's chat all about white paint today! White paint has been in high demand this past year, as people have been looking for new ways to brighten up their homes. Especially with our busy and complex lifestyles, we are looking for a sense of calmness and serenity in the place we come home to. I remember first falling in love with white walls, after searching through home decor magazines that featured Parisian apartments. I was still in college and signed a lease on the cutest little apartment that had a Juliet balcony. So of course, this romantic detail fell right in line with the beauty of a neutral color palette, the French so effortlessly mastered.

Neutral wall colors, like whites and soft grey's really gives you the freedom to play around with pops of color in a room. It's a fun process to focus on the details, like texture and pattern, leather and brass pieces, along with your favorite colors - knowing that you can switch out a look anytime you have a change of heart. Plus, if you've been wanting to incorporate shiplap, board & battan detailing, and wallpaper, white so brilliantly gives focus to these details.

So, is it easy as going to your local hardware store to pick up a can of white paint?! Selecting the perfect white paint can be more difficult than it sounds. With tons of swatches to run your fingers through, varying hues, and finishes to choose from, it might leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. To top it all off, what may look beautiful and bright in one home, might not look it's best in another. Over the years, I've freshened up the homes we've lived in with paint and I've narrowed down my favorite hues of white to work with. So, if you're wanting to bring new life into your space, the best way to do it is with a beautiful coat of white paint!

My Top Favorites:


by Benjamin Moore
Bright & crisp white, without being too stark. 
{Paint color in our house, minus the living room}

by Benjamin Moore
Simple & Clean with no real undertones
{Paint color of the trim in our house}


by Benjamin Moore
Soft White with a hint of yellow
It is Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year in 2016
and is a fan favorite that works well in most spaces

by Sherwin Williams
Soft white with an earthy base. Not creamy, but has a hint of yellow
Interior: Best in well-lit spaces and when used on brick & wood
Exterior: Excellent as a beautiful soft white
{Paint color of the accent brick wall and ceiling color in our home}

by Benjamin Moore
White with a hint of grey, not creamy
An on-going best seller for it's neutral undertone
Best in well lit spaces and looks beautiful surrounded
by wood accents & dark hardware


by Benjamin Moore
Soft Creamy White
Best for all areas of the home in well lit spaces, especially in
bedrooms and as a bathroom color
{This is the color I will be painting our guest bathroom}

by Benjamin Moore 
Best for a warm white-grey exterior. Think French Country!

If you have a well lit space that takes in a lot of natural light during the day, then soft and warm whites will be great options to consider. I reserve crisp whites in areas that need more light and to create the illusion of a larger space, such as in small bathrooms. Keep in mind that the colors may vary on the swatch chips versus what will translate on the walls. I've noticed this quite often with Sherwin Williams paint colors. So, I really like to use large card stock paper (like this) to paint 2 coats of the color, so I can get a true representation of what it will look like in the space. My best advice is to compare the colors during the day and evening, considering the lighting you have in that particular space during all times of the day. Lighting makes a huge difference!

It's true color: If you are painting over a dark wall, consider applying a separate primer to begin with. This will help you achieve the true white you are going for. If you skip this step, regardless if the paint has a built-in primer already, 3 coats maybe what is required to keep the darker paint color from peaking through the newly painted white wall(s).

My finishes of choice: I typically like to use an eggshell finish all around because it's a nice balance between matte and satin finishes, and it's easy to clean. For trim, doors, and wood paneling, I like the look of a satin finish for dimension.

Want to create the illusion of taller ceilings: Paint both your walls and trim all the same color and finish. It's modern and streamlined. 

I hope this guide helps you select the right shade of white for your space and have fun experimenting! 

Warmly ~


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  1. Love this post! I am still trying to talk my husband into transitioning our walls to white. Our trim and kitchen cabinets are in Alabaster. I cant decide if our house is well lit though... Thanks for sharing your expertise...I will definitely be referring to it when we pull the plunge on our walls. Xo


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