HEALTH + WELLNESS: Self-Care Practices for the Everyday Gal

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Home on Coronado Island

From the start of a new month, August has been filled with joyful moments, thanks to a long awaited vacation back to my home state, California. It had been two years since my sisters and I have been together in the same room, and it only took but a minute for us to start spilling out our best jokes, while gathering over a fresh stack of homemade chocolate chip pancakes.

Our conversations were refreshing, insightful, and grown-up. We were older now, parents in the midst of raising our school-aged children; and for my youngest sister, a newly promoted business gal, waiting to begin a new phase in her life. We stepped back from the chaos of trying to have life all figured out and came together for sisterly bonding and family fun. It turned out to be the best vacation I had been on in years, but also brought about many unexpected emotions to light.

These spurts of emotion made me realize that I had taken too long to recharge and unwind. My mind was overwhelmed from daily life and all the running around. It was undoubtedly a juggling act between motherhood and being a wife, my work in interior design, and growing my blog. And not once could I give my 100% commitment, to any one thing I was trying to grow. There wasn't enough time, let alone any time to care for myself.  One thing I needed to learn was that my happiness, health, and well-being had to come first because that's what's required for everything else to be great!"

A glimpse of our Airbnb Home in San Diego

Serenity at Best on a San Diego Pier

Oh, the priceless teachings from a brilliant woman Sheri Salata, former Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show and Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN. After rekindling my love for podcasts this Summer, I came across an interview where she promotes that self-care (through 7 pillars) is the key to creating your best life. That the savviest and most respected women in the future, will be the ones with the most quality of life. This resonated with me deeply because as a woman and mother, we tend to feel as though we are being selfish in wanting to aid ourselves. And once we build up the courage to finally do something for "ourselves," we think it involves an afternoon at the nail salon or going out with a group of girlfriends. However, it's much more complex than that. This is one of the lessons I want to grow from, as I wish to achieve happiness and success with myself, my family, and with my creative business ventures. 

After much thought, reflection, and self-assessment, these are the ways I will gradually incorporate self-care in my daily routine and I hope these practices will be helpful to you as well in your everyday life:

1. Start each day with a calm mind. How often do we wake up every morning thinking about all the endless tasks we need to do for the day? Instead, approach each morning as a way of becoming the best version of yourself. Enjoy some quiet time with a healthy breakfast and a good cup of jo, stretch and mediate, go on a brisk walk. Implement a simple routine that will take away your anxieties and replace it with something that will create a more productive day.  

2. Remember to be kind to yourself. There will be times during the course of a year where you feel doubtful or feel like you're still a million miles away from reaching your goals.  It can be frustrating and disheartening, with wonder of where to go from here. But we have to remind ourselves that greatness is a process. I can't expect success to happen in a few months or even in a year. Don't be too hard on yourself, especially if you're doing the best you can. Easier said than done, but with an optimistic mindset, it will fuel us to achieve much more, rather than hold us back.

3. Set a small personal goal that will build up your self-confidence. For me, I have challenged myself to workout 15 minutes a day during the weekdays. I am horrible at keeping up consistency if my workouts are too long. But what I do know, is that I can always make room for 15 minutes in my day to concentrate on my health and well-being through exercise. Not only will this boost my self-confidence levels, but it will also give me a sense of accomplishment. 

These are only three small, but mighty practices that will help achieve daily self-care for ourselves and my hope is that these practices will turn into positive results, with success flourishing in all aspects of our lives. 

Warmly ~



  1. I love the level of maturity you express here. This post resonates with me on many levels, as these have all been thoughts I've had in my head for months now. Just fighting to find the time to allow to "bring myself together"; it's a tough job! But thanks for validating my thoughts - I'm glad I'm not alone! Take care my friend!

    1. Thank you Em for sharing your thoughts! We as women aren't the best at putting ourselves first and sometimes we're afraid to just take time for ourselves, with fear that somehow we'll be taking a step back from all the hard work we've put in. But success begins with us and how we're feeling. I hope you regain that balance and time for yourself, you truly deserve it! xo

    2. Thank you friend! You too! ❤️


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