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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lately, I've been finding new ways to spark inspiration in our ever evolving home. The dining area has turned out to be the main place I turn to for inspiration, which overlooks handsome oak trees and the cutest cottage homes in some of my most loved colors. There's also a little corner near the window where a vintage flower stand holds a thoughtful selection of odds and ends that I like to switch out as my inspiration changes.

It's the perfect landing spot, just before leaving the house for a final look at my outfit of the day, a little toss of the hair, and a quick glance of our sentimental "Darling" sign behind, that preps positivity for the day. It's moments like these in the home that I want to create more of, particularly in the hallway and the master bedroom.

"Darling" Wood Sign | Metal Floral Scroll (Vintage Find)

 Madewell Woven Crossbody Bag

McGee & Co. Market Basket 

For the most part, I have a neutral color palette running throughout the home, with earthy tones and blush pink as an accent color. Coastal blues and emerald green have been growing heavily on me this season, so I wanted to find more ways to incorporate these colors where I could. The best way I felt was to create a well-thought out collection of artwork and prints to tie everything in! 

Prints have been a design element I've been meaning to add in for months. I just haven't had the time or patience to hone in on exactly what I was looking for. So, I finally buckled down and searched online this week for artwork and prints that would marry beautifully with my existing decor. After toying around with many styles, it turned out that florals would be a must have on my list, along with these pieces that have currently caught my interest:

Other's I've been considering: 

Be sure to also take a peek at MintedRifle Paper Co., and this darling shop on Etsy, Hearts of Colors, to see all their other amazing prints. How do you like to stay inspired and is your home a place of inspiration for you? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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