Calm and Collected: Wood Tones

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Welcome to a new week friends!  The kiddos started a new school year once again and it's back to the daily grind of things. Since the beginning of August, I was imagining how this week would play out. Thinking if I'd be uncertain with my time and this new schedule. But it was proven pretty quickly that I was ready and willing to get back into content creating about all the things that have been filling my brain lately. 

So, today I'm chatting about one of my most used elements in interior styling ... and that's wood tones. Let's face it, I not only use it constantly in my design plans, but also in my fashion accessories; a.k.a, my Cult Gaia handbags! Perhaps, it's my way of showing my appreciation for nature. There's just something about the organic nature of wood, the unique grooves, the charming imperfections and the tones that have me forever intrigued.  

Especially with spaces that are coated with crisp white walls, wood tones provide warmth and coziness to what would typically be a stark and bland space. If you have the budget for it, I love its use in a kitchen island or with dining room furniture. Simply add an accent table, functional tray, or bench placed at the front entryway or foot of your bed, for a look that's calm and collected.

It works beautifully with all metals too, such as brass and copper ... what's not to love! 

For the past few months, I've also been on Pinterest, pinning dark and moody spaces, from cabinetry to paneled walls and exteriors. I just love the look of wood tones paired with charcoal navys and soft blacks. They're the right balance for these darker spaces, even adding that vintage-esque appeal.

When it comes to selecting a particular finish or stain, I personally tend to lean towards pine or walnut finishes (natural or dark) because the grey hues are versatile and classic. It really compliments both lighter and darker wood pieces that you might already have in the home. 

As a rule of thumb:  When mixing wood tones, I like to create an eclectic collection with typically no more than 2-3 different finishes in one space. There's usually a distinct color variation between the pieces, such as a dark walnut console with white-washed decorative boxes up top for personality and dimension.

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I've rounded-up some wood pieces of all scales, that can beautifully be incorporated in and throughout, to bring a bit of nature and warmth into your home. Enjoy!

Warmly ~



  1. I absolutely love wood tones and find that I'm gravitating towards them more and more in our master bedroom and home. I think it does bring a sense of nature and calm into a space. Good luck with school starting and this week with the kiddos! xx, Conni

    1. Thanks so much Conni for your well wishes with the kids and adding wood tones to create a serene master bedroom is the perfect way to do this! Have a great week! xo


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