Summer Refresh

Friday, July 13, 2018

For the past couple of months, I've committed myself to finding new ways to refresh the home. I try not to steer far away from my Anthropologie inspired space, but overall I think I've created a beautiful mix of eclectic finds, both old and new that somehow all work together. Romantic hues of blush and soft neutrals, woven textures, and gleaming brass accents, stay the main focus throughout, but I've introduced a bit of Summer into the house with a splash of blue. It's a pop of coastal vibes that I'm missing from my home state of California and it's perhaps my way of keeping a piece of home right here in Texas.  

I've added a few new additions so far, nearly all on sale, which is how I like to shop most of the time. Of course, there is the occasional splurge, but because I like to change things out pretty frequently, keeping my purchases budget friendly is the smart route to go. Plus, it gives me the freedom to swap out my decor with the seasons. We purchased a mid-century leather sofa that I'm head over heels for, as well as changed out our bedding for something light and airy. I also added a few decorative items in white and natural finishes, and recently added a touch of Paris into our home with a beautiful woven bistro set. 

Creating a new and fresh space to welcome Summer in can be simple and easy with the right direction. These are all items that will beautifully transform your home into a light, airy, and inviting oasis. Try to concentrate on the heavy traffic areas of your home (living room, dining room, entryway, etc...) and finish everything off with fresh blooms and indoor plants to breath life into your newly inviting space.  

Pillows + Throws

Decorative Objects

Furniture, Baskets + Linens

How will you be updating your home this season?

Warmly ~


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