How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Summer

Monday, July 2, 2018

The task of finding a swimsuit that fits you just right can be a pretty intimidating experience. It sure was for me, as I tried to avoid the whole hoopla until it was absolutely necessary to go swimwear shopping. The level of self-confidence I had seemed to dwindle as the years went on, hiding in summer maxi dresses as I watched the kids swim with my hubby, instead of joining in on the fun. I wasn't sure how to dress my new mom body  (after having my second kiddo) and even after working out on and off throughout the years, every suit I put on just didn't fit right. I felt overcome that I didn't look how I dreamed about. Holding onto my "pre-baby body" that was no longer me. But this year I made a decision to change things around for myself. I was tired of comparing my worth to others and I had to realize that my body was beautiful just as it was, with its curves and perfect imperfections. 

Going to the pool or the beach should be filled with happy memories and joyful times, rather than something you want to hide from. We are all beautiful women, with every curve we have and there's nothing sexier than a girl, confident in her own skin. 

So, I'm here to help you find the perfect swimsuit for the season, to make you feel absolutely amazing as you soak up some sun this Summer.  These are all tips I learned in choosing a suit that helped me to get that boost of confidence that set me off in the right direction. But first, let's change that mindset of ours and say, " I love myself, just as I am, beautiful! "

1. Find out what areas of your body you find most flattering and use that as a tool for choosing the perfect suit!  Personally, I've come to embrace my curvy bum, so I made it a point to look for suits that accentuated these features. Avoid looking for suits that are "trendy" and search specifically for swimwear that will enhance the body areas you love the most.  You can see some of my picks in this post that I shared last month.  

2. Don't choose a size based on assumption. This is one thing I learned from a swimwear boutique I shopped at last year. Many of us might automatically search for a larger size because we feel like we didn't work out enough, put on some pounds or just think we will feel more comfortable with a looser fit. Unfortunately, this can set us up for failure. The proper sized swimsuit will tuck us in and provide lift in all the right areas. Keep in mind that they do tend to stretch in water, which is why you shouldn't always settle for the larger size. I can attest to making this mistake before. 

3. Get rid of the workout until you're "bikini ready" mentality.  Everyone is bikini ready and it's up to you to sport your favorite two piece in the body God gave you! We shouldn't have to worry about looking a certain way before putting on a bathing suit. Your body very much deserves to feel celebrated in whatever suit you want to wear! And now with high-waisted bikini bottoms, we can all enjoy this splendor, while looking incredible!

Style Tip:  If you want to ease into the bikini look, find a lightweight breezy top, like this one, and wear it over top of your bikini top. It's a trick I like to do that makes me feel girly and quite dreamy when I'm enjoying some fun in the sun.   

4. Take advantage of all the fun silhouettes that will send you off walking tall. From cut-outs, to high-waisted bottoms and modern patterns, these are all styles that will highlight certain areas of your body, while keeping other areas tucked in. They make wanting to get into a swimsuit even more enjoyable! I think many companies out there like Aerie and Everything but Water do a fantastic job at providing swimwear that really caters to all body shapes.

5. Don't forget to accessorize!  This is the best part and is something I like to have fun with! Pick out a cute cover-up, tote bag and pair of sunnies to give you that added boost of confidence when heading out to the pool or beach.

So, let's do away with the old beliefs on what we should look like and start recognizing that we are amazingly beautiful, just as we are!  Happy Summer loves!

Warmly ~ 


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