My Favorite Fragrances for Summer

Thursday, May 17, 2018

With Summer weather already making a well known presence this week, all I can think about is spending my weekends vacationing on beautiful beaches with my family! We haven't quite committed to a vacation spot to visit this Summer, but San Diego and Destin, FL are top on our list!

Since Summer is all about relaxation and effortless beauty, I tend to go more natural with my look, wearing my favorite SPF and bronzer mostly, with a pop of coral on the cheeks. There's also something about wearing a fresh and playful scent against a bare neckline or in your hair that ties your entire Summer look together.  

There are two scents I particularly love all year long for both day and night, that really shine through during the Summer months.  The first is a bright and lively fragrance, with a name that fits it well: Nectarine Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone. It's the perfect transitional scent from Spring to Summer, with hints of peach sorbet and warm honey. It's deliciously fruit & floral, light and especially playful, that has you drawn in the moment you try it on! I also love adding a spritz of Jo Malone's complimentary fragrance in Wood Sage & Sea Salt that reveals a yummy Summery scent that reminds me of my trip to Hawaii years ago.  You have to try it for yourself, you're sure to love it! 

Speaking of the beach, my husband purchased a gorgeous white bottle of fragrance for me when it first launched, as part of a sultry Summer makeup collection. Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford took me immediately by surprise by its unique floral notes, with the softness of amber and sandalwood. Every time I wear this fragrance, I literally feel like a bohemian goddess on an exotic island! It's silly to say, but it's very true! It's a seductive scent that evolves as the day goes on and I continuously get compliments ever time I wear it to an event. It's my signature fragrance, so there's definitely something to say about that!

Runner-ups:  A romantic fragrance: Love Story by Chloe that's reminiscent of my times in Paris and Gypsy Water by Byredo that has a unique beautiful earthy scent, gorgeous for Summer and Fall. 

Fragrances can be very personal from one person to another and we enjoy linking them to something special or significant in our lives. It almost takes us back to that very moment of a trip, wedding, graduation or what have you. This is probably why I love Summer scents the most. For me, it's a time of gathering with family, relaxation, and making joyful memories with my kids as we enjoy our time in the water, poolside or on the beach. 

So, what plans are you looking forward to this Summer?! Have you tried any of these scents?! Take a peek below and I hope you give these a try!

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  1. I love Jo Malone, I have their body oils that are so fragrant and I can use them in summer as well.


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