Summer Additions: Stripes + Coastal Bags

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As we are entering the warmest part of the year, all I can think about is my time back home in California ... with a chilly breeze in the morning and a bright afternoon, highlighting the charming buildings of Downtown Petaluma. We'd chat over dinner about our weekend plans of cruising to Bodega Bay or along the coastline to see the dancing waves. Of course, we'd be sure to stop by a gift shop or restaurant by the end of the day to collect trinkets for our bedrooms. San Francisco was also a short distance away, which we also loved going to quite often. Fisherman's Wharf was our place for amazingly fresh crab, hand cracked to a melody right in front of you. Our meals wouldn't be complete without a hearty loaf of fresh sourdough bread, that my sister and I would pick together. Our ritual was to eat in the family Caravan because the strip along the wharf was always filled with tons of tourists. My dad would throw in one of his favorite cassette tapes and we'd people watch, admire the silver statute of a real person, and fight over who was going to get the last bag of oyster crackers. These times were some of the best with my family growing up in Northern California and I can't help but to reminisce about times like this during these relaxing summer days. 

Earrings by Natalie Borton (Restocking this Summer)

With these thoughts in mind, I've been slowly transitioning my wardrobe to incorporate more interest, mainly stripes and shades of blue. Blush tones made a huge presence this past Fall and then warm yellows peeked through in a couple of tops for the Spring. This time around it's fresh and coastal, a nice change from my usual blush and white color palette. Since blue so effortlessly pairs with blush tones, I was sure to sneak in that bit of feminine charm through my comfy Madewell flats and my new Rose Quartz Moreau Bucket Bag from Staud.  

This bucket bag from Staud was in a nut shell, love at first sight!  It's so beautiful and brilliantly designed, with natural woven detail over top. You'll be surprised how top notch the leather is (I sure was), making it very much worth the price tag! And because of the warm rosie color of this bag, I can see it being well used throughout the Fall months. The cognac shade, called Saddle is another color I've been wanting to pre-order, so I definitely have that on the mind. 

I've added a few black separates and dresses to my wardrobe as well, including a black pair of strappy heels from Old Navy.  It's a color I didn't think I would wear during warmer weather, but paired with crisp whites and soft creams, it looks really modern, yet dreamy together.  Would you like to see this color scheme of black & neutrals paired in my next fashion post?!

Can't wait to chat with again soon! xo

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As of Lately ...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's been awhile since I last chatted about the things I've been doing and adding to the wardrobe lately. For this casual weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to cozy up and talk about some random things on the mind lately!

Vacation Planning ...

Now that I see many friends taking their long awaited Summer vacations, I feel that we are the only one's up in the air about our plans. I'm not really savvy at organizing vacations several months in advance and that's mainly because my husband has a local business that requires much of his attention. So, for the past couple of years, we have just been winging our Summer plans, depending on how much time he can actually take off. Whether we end up taking a weekend trip or week long stay away (near or far), we always manage to turn our vacations into a fun and memorable time together as a family. We like to think of it as doing that one spontaneous thing a year, while doubling up as an exciting surprise for the kids!

I'm relieved to report that one thing is definite and that is our trip to Southern California to visit my family.  We'll be making a loop first to San Diego to enjoy some laid back quality time at the beach and to also stop by some nearby attractions. It's been years since my brief visit to San Diego, so if you have any recommendations on coffee shops, restaurants, and other places to check out during our stay, please let me know in the comments below!  I sure would love to experience more of the beautiful gems this city has to offer. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this would be a road trip!!  The sound of a long distance road trip sounds cringing to some, but as a parent of younger kiddos, you come to realize that driving is just the cheapest way to go, without having to break the bank .... especially if your vacation involves spending time at theme parks and other pricey attractions!  With a lot of DVD's and some fun games, maybe we can limit the "are we there yet" complaints. Wish us luck! 

A Summer Bag Obsession ...

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been obsessing over bags this year, more than any other.  It's the unique styles and woven bags that I'm so into right now and I love the way they dress up my summer outfits! It becomes the glamorous accessory to my flowy Summer dresses and a nice compliment to a graphic tee + denim day. This bucket bag by Staud in Rose Quartz (My new FAVORITE) and this circle bag from Zara are newbies to my collection and they've been so much fun to wear! They add a splash of excitement to each and every look I wear them with! I'll be styling them soon on my Instagram feed, so be sure to follow me on the app to shop all the items I post. Shopping is very easy through this helpful app, so I encourage you to download it if you haven't already.  

 >>> The direct link to follow me is HERE <<<

Body Positivity and Swimming Suit Season ...

It came as a huge surprise that shopping for swimming suits this year was been a pleasant experience for me so far! Ever since having my second baby years ago, my body confidence levels have never quite been the same. So, you can imagine that when swimming suit season rolled around, it was a time I very much dreaded! Finding the right suit that flattered my figure was just like picking the perfect pair of jeans that I could never seem to find. I didn't know how to dress my new body and what would fit me on top didn't correspond with the bottom. But why did I feel differently this time around? Did my body change? Not really ... Did the way I thought about my body change? Yes, in some important ways. I want to dedicate an entire post to body positivity soon, but for now, I will say that I've become more accepting of the curves I have and once I started to understand what areas of my body I appreciated the most, shopping for suits became something I looked forward to! 

Aerie was also a huge game changer for me! They have tons of different styles and cuts that are flattering for all body types and the best part is that they were all very affordable! Since I like the look of a little side and bum exposure, this striped suit thankfully became the perfect fit for my body. Once I had that boost of confidence, it gave me the courage to order a few others linked below. For those that feel the same with their bodies, please know that we are ALL beautiful women and our bodies are worth celebrating! We don't need to be so hard on ourselves and our bodies deserve some grace.  We are doing the best we can in this busy life we live. You are amazing! ;)

1 | 2 |  3 | 4 | 5

I wish you all a wonderful rest of your weekend and I can't wait to chat with you again soon! xo

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Wearing Linen

Friday, June 8, 2018

I've been a growing fan of linen over the past couple of years and it's one essential you'll want to have on hand during the Summer season. It's lightweight and free flowing, that absorbs moisture quite well. You can really find linen in nearly everything, from dresses, to skirts, and even in bedding. You don't have to worry about it clinging to your skin and I actually do feel a difference in terms of body temperature when I wear linen vs. silk or poly blend tops. Linen is noticeably cooling and comfortable compared to other fabrics. This is why I'm now convinced to incorporate linen sheets in our bedding, for that relaxed feel.

So what's the best way to wear linen, since I know some of you have had the same concerns with me regarding wrinkling. It's one of those expected qualities about linen and it's something I don't mind too much about because it's a charming characteristic of the fabric. These are some tips that have really helped me with all my linen pieces to keep them looking their best!

Be selective with your linen
Shop for soft linen or linen blend fabrics for a lightweight and casual feel. You don't want anything scratchy or heavy laying against your skin.

Partly dry your linen
Out of the wash, I like to dry my linen pieces until they are about 2/3rd's of the way dry, leaving a bit of dampness to the fabric. This reduces any wrinkling and the feel of crispness from the fabric. 

Use a mist of water to help take out wrinkles
Spray wrinkled areas with a mist of water to help straighten out the fabric. I just use a travel sized spray bottle that I have on hand for this. Linen dries fast, so it's a quick fix to help keep your clothes nice and neat all day.

Steaming is best!
And my most helpful tip ... Use a steamer for your linen clothing and bedding, which I feel works out the wrinkles the best and prolongs a nicer appearance to your clothing. Personally, steaming my linen pieces is less time consuming than the hassle of ironing them and I experienced a lot less wrinkling throughout the day using this steamer. Truly, the best steamer at such a great price point! For bedding, I simply run a light steam across the sheets if needed to bring back it's shape and then straighten out the top hem fully with a steamer for a soft and relaxing look. It's a pretty easy process and I don't use starch when steaming.

I hope these tips helped you with all your linen pretties and try to stay cool out there!

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A Home Decor Staple: Woven Baskets

Monday, June 4, 2018

I've been a huge lover of woven baskets, since my first apartment in college. It's been many years since then, but it's the one decorative item that travels with me wherever I go. A long time home decor staple for sure! In fact, my mom laughs at me every time we shop together because she knows that 9 times out of 10, I will always come around the corner with some sort of basket in my shopping cart. What can I say ... they're versatile, functional, and pretty to look at! An easy place for storing pillows, throws, books, and many of your odds and ends around the house. Simply tuck them under a coffee table, place them alongside your sofa, and in the corner of a room to add texture and warmth to your space. They're also brilliant as planters for your indoor house plants and herb gardens.  

There are so many options are out there now-a-days for wovens and baskets in general, with a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit anyone's style. I even snuck in a pop of wired and leather baskets in the bedrooms around the house. Baskets are really my best kept secret for staying organized and tidy around the house, which is why I love using them so much in design!

So, I've rounded up loads of woven baskets I've been swooning over lately, from Moroccan to modern. Baskets are my sweet treat and when you shop these, you'll see why! 

Inspirational Pillow | Sew & Cloth Pillow (Similar here)

Wovens and a few other styles to fancy over!

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A Mother's Concern

Monday, May 21, 2018

" My wish for you is that you continue to be who and how you are, 
to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness." 
- Maya Angelou

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart, with thoughts of the recent high school shooting that occurred a few days ago on May 18th.  I remember coming home right after dropping of the kids at school and the local news revealed that there was a potential shooting situation just 30 miles away from Houston. I immediately felt ill to my stomach and my children's well-being popped right into my head. I couldn't help but to wish that my kids were at home with me at that very moment, giving me piece of mind that nothing in the world had or would harm them. 

Even as I type this, I can't help but to get emotional with tears filled in my eyes. In a place of learning and growth, with exciting activities as the school year is coming to an end, why should the feeling of fear be on our minds. Fear that our schools may not be safe enough, even after the many precautions made to increase safety. The kids take part in not only fire drills, but also drills for escape routes if a violent situation were to unfold on campus. Will this stay the norm? Where I have to hug and kiss my children even closer, even tighter every morning, hoping I will see their sweet faces again when I pick them up from school. They are the sweetest and most loving children without a pinch of hate in their bodies, and they, as well as all children shouldn't have to worry about violence in a place of learning.

I teach Austin & Madison everyday to treat everyone with kindness and respect, to do something helpful daily for someone else.  I want them to spread love and kindness to their peers and educators ... to be a positive example for this world. I think it's amazing that they both want to be scientists when they grow up, for the simple fact of wanting to help others. Their journey should be rich of learning, growth, and support, surrounded by a healthy and safe environment.   

I wasn't sure whether to express my thoughts in today's post, but it's been heavy on my heart and I felt the need to share my concerns. Especially in this new week, where things just didn't feel and look the same in Houston. I really didn't want to let my kids out of the car this morning. I concentrated so deeply into Austin and Madison's faces as they waved and smiled before sending them off to their classes. That image has been embedded in my head all day.  

What can really be done, without turning our school into a complete fortress?! More programs, continued efforts to end bullying, more parent involvement, no backpacks, a strict dress code, what needs to happen? What can we as parents and the community do to make sure that school violence comes to an end?!

My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the Santa Fe High School shootings and I hope they will regain some normalcy in life, trying to enjoy whatever's left of the school year. 

I will continue to be a positive voice in my children's lives and I hope that together as a community, we can promote positivity, love and kindness back into our school systems, so our children can concentrate on being the best they can be, for their future! 

Warmly ~


My Favorite Fragrances for Summer

Thursday, May 17, 2018

With Summer weather already making a well known presence this week, all I can think about is spending my weekends vacationing on beautiful beaches with my family! We haven't quite committed to a vacation spot to visit this Summer, but San Diego and Destin, FL are top on our list!

Since Summer is all about relaxation and effortless beauty, I tend to go more natural with my look, wearing my favorite SPF and bronzer mostly, with a pop of coral on the cheeks. There's also something about wearing a fresh and playful scent against a bare neckline or in your hair that ties your entire Summer look together.  

There are two scents I particularly love all year long for both day and night, that really shine through during the Summer months.  The first is a bright and lively fragrance, with a name that fits it well: Nectarine Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone. It's the perfect transitional scent from Spring to Summer, with hints of peach sorbet and warm honey. It's deliciously fruit & floral, light and especially playful, that has you drawn in the moment you try it on! I also love adding a spritz of Jo Malone's complimentary fragrance in Wood Sage & Sea Salt that reveals a yummy Summery scent that reminds me of my trip to Hawaii years ago.  You have to try it for yourself, you're sure to love it! 

Speaking of the beach, my husband purchased a gorgeous white bottle of fragrance for me when it first launched, as part of a sultry Summer makeup collection. Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford took me immediately by surprise by its unique floral notes, with the softness of amber and sandalwood. Every time I wear this fragrance, I literally feel like a bohemian goddess on an exotic island! It's silly to say, but it's very true! It's a seductive scent that evolves as the day goes on and I continuously get compliments ever time I wear it to an event. It's my signature fragrance, so there's definitely something to say about that!

Runner-ups:  A romantic fragrance: Love Story by Chloe that's reminiscent of my times in Paris and Gypsy Water by Byredo that has a unique beautiful earthy scent, gorgeous for Summer and Fall. 

Fragrances can be very personal from one person to another and we enjoy linking them to something special or significant in our lives. It almost takes us back to that very moment of a trip, wedding, graduation or what have you. This is probably why I love Summer scents the most. For me, it's a time of gathering with family, relaxation, and making joyful memories with my kids as we enjoy our time in the water, poolside or on the beach. 

So, what plans are you looking forward to this Summer?! Have you tried any of these scents?! Take a peek below and I hope you give these a try!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Mother's Day Gift Guide {Pretty Picks for Celebrating Moms}

Thursday, May 3, 2018

This year is flying by at lightening speed and here we are in May, getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day next Sunday, May 13th.  This happens to be one of my favorite days of the year because I love receiving loads of love (handmade pictures with plenty of hugs and I love you's) from my kids and the hubby! I see bits of my personality and funny habits in each of my kids and it's surreal sometimes knowing that I'm in this stage in my life ... a mom, all grown up, raising a family of my own. They are my everything and I couldn't have imagined a better blessing! 

For Mother's Day, I always enjoy putting together a basket of thoughtful goodies for the special Moms in my life. With three cute themes in mind, gift giving for Mother's Day is can suddenly be easy and carefree! There is something for everyone; items from all price points ... mostly affordable and oh so lovely!

The Glamorous Baker:

As a mediocre cook and baker in the kitchen, I always find it exciting to experiment with different recipes when I have beautiful accessories to work with! A darling apron with a few pretty essentials make cooking in the kitchen a treat for any mom!  Opt out for gold this year and choose copper, the new trending color of the year! Plus, cooking together makes for family time well spent! 

The Flower Enthusiast:

Flower arranging and gardening are known to be wonderfully therapeutic for the soul. Create a basket of floral supplies that will encourage any mom to start or continue a new hobby she is sure to love! This vase from Terrain includes pre-punched holes to make flower arranging easy peasy and this woven basket is the prettiest for carrying favorite blooms from the market. My favorite cutting shears are also included, that are both durable and of great quality!  Top it off with a small bunch of fresh flowers to start, and she is good to go!

The Minimal Beauty:

These are all gifts any mom would enjoy from their dearest fan, you! This necklace by Junghwa has been a favorite of mine for years and can be customized to the quantity of rings that you need. It's a heart-felt gift that puts loved ones close to a mama's heart. I also love Madewell's collection of leather totes that are perfect for everyday - a universal classic! Consider a gorgeous copper tea holder paired with an assortment of flavored teas. It's absolutely brilliant as a gift and will be well loved, guaranteed! 

Below are a few other goodies & books that I had to mention! Have fun creating a special gift for yourself or for your special someone - Mother, Aunt, Grandma or friend!  They will surely love the thought and care you put into making this day extra special for them!  

Warmly ~


A Roundup of Hair Care Essentials for Color-Treated Hair

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm sure you've all noticed that my hairstyle and color have changed since the new year began. I traded in my long curls for an effortless lob (long bob) and worked in some balayage to soften my complexion. For those that have known me for years, I have always sported a highlighted look, thanks to the sunny beach vibes of growing up in California. It was a look that suited me well, especially for my light to medium skin tone.

Just two years ago, I finally decided to give my hair a break and went back to my natural dark brown hair color. It looked and felt incredible, shiny and healthy ... which left me wondering why I ever changed my hair in the first place! I often think that a new hairstyle represents change we want in our lives. Something to kick off a new journey or chapter we're about to embark on. Or it could simply be because we're bored of the same hair routine, day after day. Whatever the reason may be, I think it's a positive thing to incorporate change every so often, to keep our souls inspired and constantly evolving. I was feeling in a rut at the end of 2017 and switching up my look was a way for me to take that first step into becoming a better version of myself, physically and mentally. Can anyone  else relate?

Madewell Floral Top
Madwell Button Down Denim Skirt - Old (Similar herehere & here)

I was very happy with the new "me," but my hair unfortunately took a toll from the balayage process. It took two color sessions and an added glaze of mocha brown to get the ashy blonde/brown highlights that I wanted. My hair was left very dry and brittle, with split ends up the wazoo! Luckily, through a few hair care recommendations from my colorist and doing a little research of my own, I was able to restore my hair to a much healthier state! Cutting my hair even shorter didn't have to be an option because I finally had products that came to the rescue. 

These are the hair care products that I've been using these past few months that have made a huge difference in the look, feel, and condition of my hair:

Shampoo & Conditioner:
L' Oreal Paris Elvive Color Intensive Protective Shampoo: This shampoo really helps to repair and hydrate color damaged hair, while doing an excellent job at maintaining your color. For a drugstore brand, this shampoo is quite impressive. 
UNITE Hair Blonda Purple Shampoo: I use this purple shampoo every 5-7 days to preserve the ashy tones in my blonde hair and to prevent brassiness to the highlighted strands. If you have blonde highlights, you will most definitely want to add this in your line-up. 
QUAI Repair Conditioner: To increase the intensity of hydration, I decided to try this conditioner, which I'm pleasantly enjoying right now. It has a lovely scent that makes your hair smell amazing! I feel it has helped to mend the damage at my ends, without leaving my hair feeling weighty or oily.

Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Protectant:
It's a 10 - Miracle Leave-In Product: This might as well be the BEST product for repairing damaged hair.  My hairstylist in Las Vegas highly recommended this product as the answer to my split-end problem. She told me it would work wonders and it absolutely did! If there is one product that made the most impact on my hair, it is this leave-in product! It conditions, repairs, is a heat protectant, and does so much more!  I use this every other day after washing my hair and it's truly the best!
MorrocanOil Treatment Oil: Once my hair has been dried and styled with a flat iron or a 1 inch curling iron, I smooth out my ends and any fly-aways with this amazing hair oil! The whole MorrocanOil line smells incredible, but their hair oil has been one of the best I've tried. It finishes off my hair beautifully without weighing it down. Another product I highly recommend!

Products that Keep my Hair in Check:
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: Since I love the volume I already have with shorter hair, I just add a light mist of this dry shampoo to my roots onto second day hair as an instant refresher. I've tried my share of dry shampoo's and this has been my favorite thus far! 
UNITE Texturizing Spray: To maintain volume at the crown of my head for half-up do's or the occasional top knot bun, I like to spray this texturizing spray for just the right amount of volume and hold needed to get the hairdo I want. It provides a light hold that doesn't leave a residue behind, which I really like.

I want to give hair masks a try in the future to help keep my hair looking it's best.  So, if you have any recommends, please share them in the comments below. I hope you give these products a try and have a beautiful week!

Warmly ~


My Spring Wardrobe Wish List

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We had a good taste of Spring over the last couple of weeks, which we've really been lucky to experience this year. The weather has been all over the spectrum over the past several months, but planning out the perfect Spring wardrobe makes warmer days seem a whole lot nearer. 

Amidst my busy schedule between kiddos and home interior projects, I've managed to work on a new Spring wardrobe with dreamier pieces that would transition into Summer. Shades of white and classic romantic patterns have made it's way back into the mix. And my new favorite colors of the season?! Blush, Dusty Rose, and Saffron Yellow pop up in this all neutral color palette! I've also started a small collection of graphic tee's, which I love pairing with flowy skirts to keep the look quite whimsical. I've been enjoying high-waisted bottoms as well, having most of them rest at the highest part of my waist. It keeps you tucked in snug, while adding length to your legs and flattering your pretty hips.

My whole philosophy to this years Spring wardrobe is really a desire to look girly & romantic, while feeling incredibly casual at the same time. I like to wear a happy balance of beautiful details, like eyelet or polka dots, with casual fabrics, that make a look effortless and perfect for everyday. With that in mind, here are some of the lovelies I've picked up lately, with much more on my wish list. What are some spring trends you've been loving this season?!  I'd love to know in the comments below!





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