How to Style a Fall Centerpiece: 3 Ways

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Decorating for Fall can be beautiful and inviting, with a few festive elements and your everyday decor items.  Whether you're styling a table, kitchen island or outdoor celebration, I'm sharing 3 ways to create a lovely Autumn centerpiece. 


To create this polished farmhouse look, I used a triangle layout of varying heights for a cohesive and beautiful centerpiece. Start by selecting a focal point, such as a pitcher full of Fall blooms and add 2 additional objects or groupings of different heights to complete the look.  I love incorporating natural elements wherever I can. So, this wooden harvest basket with soft white pumpkins and a vintage book was the perfect addition to this vignette. And let's not forget this adorable copper watering can from Target, that's simply irresistible. 

Style Tip: It's always visually appealing to style in odd numbers and at a different heights to create a look that's well put together.

{Magnolia Wreath with faux blooms I added from home}


For decorating commonly used spaces, like a dining table or kitchen island, filling a tray of decorative objects (rectangular or round) is a brilliant way to create an effortless festive display. At meal times, simply remove the tray until you're ready to put it right back in its place. 

Begin with a large handwoven seagrass tray and fill the space in two parts. To one side, add a floral arrangement or garden inspired focal point, like this beautiful lit terrarium lantern, and balance the other side with a few festive objects. 

Style Tip: Adding natural elements helps to create a look that's warm and inviting. This is why I like to make it a rule of thumb to include at least one natural object in every space I style.


For Fall gatherings and formal dining spaces, why not create a dancing ensemble of texture and layers! Center your focal point and use a combination of Fall objects, tableware, and brass candlesticks to set the stage. Add warmth and coziness through pops of color and texture, as I did with the navy painted cheeseboard and moody burgundy blooms in the centerpiece. Add a herringbone throw and a textured pillow to an eclectic mix of chairs to complete this enchanting Fall story.

Style Tip:  Bring life to your display by infusing texture throughout.  I designed a dance of texture through the additional lace runner and textural objects (basket, bird figurine, and basket of artichokes), to keep the eye's intrigued.  


Be creative and experiment with different layouts to see what works well with your space. Start with a color palette or 3-4 colors and gather all the decor (existing and new) that fall within your color palette. Add texture and varying heights to keep the look intriguing and don't be afraid to think outside the box. As much as I love pumpkins, leaves and acorns, it's completely fine to use just a few seasonal elements to create a look that's equally as festive and beautiful.  

What are your favorite things to decorate with during the Fall season? Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Fall!

Warmly ~


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