Saturday, September 16, 2017

Happy weekend friends! It's so wonderful and refreshing to chat with you again! From new changes to unexpected events, this Summer has been quite a learning experience for our family.  It was the first time we spent an entire Summer here in Houston. It's always been a tradition to spend the break with my side of the family, but with my mom's move to Houston, we had to switch our yearly routine. Surprisingly, the Summer humidity in the city didn't bother me too much. Instead of the west coast dry air, we settled for spontaneous rain in the south, and managed to squeeze in a relaxing mini vacation to Galveston Beach. The beignet's at The Gumbo Diner are a definite must try!

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, it was much more than we could've expected. Thankfully, our home was a trooper during the storm, but that didn't take away from the worry we felt, while the hurricane lingered throughout the city for nearly a full week. With the constant heavy rain, Houston consumed enough water to spread across the entire 48 states. I had never watched the news so closely, praying and hoping that Harvey wouldn't harm us, as well as our family & friends.  Once all was said and done, the devastation was saddening. Just a short mile down from us, an entire neighborhood was flooded and all their cherished belongings were piled high at the edge of the street. What was once a beautiful view outside our front window, was filled with high profile military vehicles and rescue boats that quickly made their way to rescue residents from their homes. You see this kind of thing in movie's and it was shocking to see it unfold in real life. Fast forward two weeks - the kids finally started school this week and it's a relief to finally see some normalcy in Houston again.

There will be some changes happening with my blog next month and I'm very excited to open the next chapter of my creative journey. Pretty with Sprinkles, once my event styling business, will be getting a revamp with a new name, focusing back to my passion for interiors, floral design, and styling parties. I will still be posting randomly about fashion & beauty, but I feel it's the best time to convey more of my profession into the blog. So please stayed tuned for new content to come!

As we're making a transition from Summer to Fall, I've been really into moody colors, which includes navy and black. I used to wear one color or the other, but when paired with natural details, they really make a lovely combo. The key is to break up the dark tones with timeless patterns, like stripes or mini polka dots, which have been well-represented in my daily wear for the month of September.

Carrying on with the Navy trend, I just purchased a pair of comfy slip on's from Superga, an Italian based company. I first heard of the casual footwear brand after spotting their cute sneakers all over Pinterest and on Anthropologie's website. They're so comfy and great that I've been wearing these slip on's and my Converse interchangeably this month. This classic lace up style will be next on my list.

I've been doing a lot of flower arranging lately to brighten up my home. I've been working with more budget friendly flower options, using small bunches of spray roses, various greenery, and pops of mini carnations as a filler. When added in small doses, mini carnations can really be part of a beautiful flower arrangement. The mini's have a gorgeous ruffled look to them, similar to spray roses, that's absolutely darling. So when you're putting together a refreshing bouquet for your space or upcoming party, consider these ruffled pretties as part of your flower choice.

A tried and true home decor item that I've been using non-stop is this gorgeous candle from Anthropologie! The popular scent, Volcano has a pleasant mix of citrus and fruity notes, with a bit of warmth. It easily doubles up as a beautiful piece for your coffee or bedside table and atop a stack of books. There are so many versions of this candle, which makes this the perfect home decor item for any season.

What have been are your favorite's this past month? I look forward to sharing more of what's to come on the blog and I hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend. Chat with you again soon! 

Warmly ~


by mlekoshi