Monday, August 21, 2017

Packaging and gift wrapping has always been one of my favorite things to do, thanks to my mom who always preached that your presentation is worth a thousand words. I love adding those personal elements to a gift that's thoughtful and unique, so your celebrant can feel extra special that day! A dear friend of mine just welcomed her first baby and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put together a gift that was simply lovely & organic, with satchel wrapped goodies inside. Although I put this together as a welcoming baby gift, this packaging would be beautiful for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, house warming, and many other celebrations.  

To start, I love using market totes to dress up a gift, in lieu of paper gift bags. It not only makes the gift more exciting to open, but most are inexpensive and are made to be reusable. Believe me, your giftee will love a nifty tote they can use in the future for whatever they wish. 

I purchased this metallic gold polka dot market bag from Home Goods and thought it could serve double duty as a diaper bag alternative. The tote is made in a durable cotton canvas and the straps are faux leather, which is an easy clean up for those unexpected bottle spills.

As for packaging the gift items, these are the materials you will need:

Ivory Muslin Fabric {I purchased 3 yards for $5.38}
Hemp Twine or Velvet Ribbon
Washi Tape
Gift Tags
Paint (Optional)
Open your muslin fabric to measure and cut the pieces you will need to wrap your gift items.  For each piece or cluster of items you wish to wrap, cut a piece of muslin that's at least 2.5 times the length and the width of the items. I like to eyeball this measurement, but essentially you want to be able to wrap your gifts as shown above, leaving enough room to make a beautiful bow with excess fabric peeking through on top.  

Once all the pretties are wrapped, I like to secure the back using a piece of decorative washi tape. I'm a huge fan of this adorable tape and like to use it wherever possible as an added splash of cuteness!

To top off these darling satchels, use twine and organic embellishments to finish off the look. Here, I have it shown in two ways: one with hemp twine & flowers and another using grey velvet ribbon. As a tip on flowers, try to use flowers that have a longer shelf life out of water, such as wax flowers and carnations, which I used here. Seeded eucalyptus, baby's breath, and button mum flowers are also great alternatives. 

Pretty Additions

Add a hand painted kraft gift tag for a touch of handmade. 

Making this for a baby shower or baby welcoming gift? Add a separate mini bag, like the heart canvas bag below, filled with a few pampering beauty goodies for mommy to enjoy.

This packaging project was right under $15 (canvas market tote included), with left over fabric and twine to use for other gifts in the future. Your giftee will absolutely love the thought and care you put into your gift and I hope you give this a try for an upcoming celebration! 

Warmly ~


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  1. Wow you are truly so great at wrapping! Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips! I especially love how you warped the baby clothes in the adorable fabric. This makes for such a warm gift. Very inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Xx Caroline


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