Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July friends! I hope you have fun-filled plans in store today because it's the perfect holiday to spend time at the beach or pool and enjoy some yummy food. Houston has been quite the steamy city, with a mix of Summer heat and humidity. So, I can safely say that part of my 4th will be relaxing and doing a little shopping in cool indoor spaces. Today, I wanted to share with you some random things I'll be doing today, from beauty to gardening. 

1. I've been debating over the perfect patriotic look and decided to go with a simple white laced blouse and denim bottoms with a classic velvet ribbon in my hair to keep things cute & sweet, using this photo as inspiration. I'm going for "casual and relaxed" this year, getting in touch with my inner Madewell.

2. What would 4th of July be without sporting gorgeous red lips! Currently, my favorite red lipstick is NYX's soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam, here. I adore this formula and seem to wear these lip creams more often than none ... and they're only $5.99. The color Amsterdam is the perfect strawberry red, has amazing staying power, and makes your teeth shine pearly white, especially if you're going to be enjoying those yummy barbecued hot dogs and burgers. I think my mouth is watering already!

3. One of the places I seem to always go to every 4th is Ikea.  It's the oddest thing that I even want to start a home project around the holiday, but I love finding new inspiration, small storage solutions, pretty trinkets, and plants for the house. I can easily buy so many things at Ikea because I love sprucing up the house, which is why my hubby takes a deep breath before the shopping begins.  

4. For the first time, I'll be exploring the world of gardening today, which I'm admittedly nervous about. My mother-in-law just left for a week long vacation and left me her coveted garden of fruits, veggies, and flowers to attend to. I've never gardened in my life, but is something I've always wanted to try. If all goes well (which I'm praying for), I plan to start a little garden of my own with blueberries in small pretty containers, as I excitedly read in the June issue of Southern Living. Love this magazine so much! Meanwhile, my straw hat from H&M will come in handy as I garden, so wish me luck! 

5.  I always look forward to dessert during the 4th. Whether it's a fruit basket cake or a fresh cherry pie a la mode, Independence Day wouldn't be complete without indulging in a little sweet treat before watching a much awaited firework display. Here's a website I love for food inspiration and think you'll fall in love with every sweet treat you see from Call Me Cupcake

So, what are your plans for this patriotic day?! I hope you all have a wonderful & safe holiday, and enjoy the pretty night sky of colorful fireworks tonight! xo 

Warmly ~ 


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