Friday, July 28, 2017

After doing some closet re-vamping a couple of weeks back, I'm relieved to have my whole wardrobe looking new & cohesive again. My personal style hasn't changed too much over the years, staying within a soft and romantic color palette. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, mainly with shades of white and I like to incorporate soft colors of blush and mint to keep my wardrobe looking feminine and pretty. This monotone wardrobe works best for me, as each piece compliments each other and I get more wear out of my clothes. Today, I wanted to share with you some helpful tips I like to follow when shopping and creating a cohesive wardrobe. 

Find your favorite color palette and stick with it.

Staying within your color palette makes shopping a whole lot easier because it narrows down your choices while you're shopping or re-doing your closet. I love wearing neutrals mainly because they work interchangeably with each other and you have a clean and sophisticated collection that will carry you through the seasons. Neutrals can be shades of white, beige, grey, black, and navy. Try to find a range of colors you look and feel good in and build from there.

Find inspiration from the style(s) you love the most and use them as a guideline. 

My personal style has evolved over the years with the Parisian Chic and Bohemian gal in mind. I love the effortless & classic look of the french girl and the free-spirited & ethereal romantic of the bohemian goddess. When you find the style(s) you are attracted to, do some research on them. Look at the clothing pieces that make up that style. Are the clothes fitted or flowy, are they casual or dressy? What are the pieces that make up that style (blazers, denim, etc.)? Getting to know the styles you love helps to keep you focused when finding pieces to add to your wardrobe.       

Patterns and texture always and always.

Timeless patterns that I always like to incorporate into my wardrobe are: stripes, polka dots, lace, and subtle floral prints. These are all timeless details that will never go out of style and all work so well solo and with one another. They also add character to your wardrobe, especially for more neutral wardrobe's like mine. Eyelet lace and polka dots are among my favorites for it's playful and romantic quality.

Find clothes that work around your lifestyle.

I'm such a skirt and dresses kind of gal, but wearing fanciful attire everyday for a mom of two young kiddos just isn't ideal. Depending on your lifestyle, be thoughtful with the pieces you choose to purchase. Midi length skirts and dresses have great movement and are perfect for everyday. I also like to look for breathable fabrics that are lightweight and can be easily worn casually. In lieu of heels, a sophisticated pair of flats or low profile heels elevate my look. I can still wear what I love, but I make clothing and accessory choices that are more practical for me on the day to day.

Keeping these simple principles in mind really helps to keep my wardrobe cohesive and functional. I thankfully get good wear out of my clothes and don't mind adding a trendy or unexpected piece every now and then to spice things up. I'm pretty satisfied with my current wardrobe and look forward to building it up as the seasons change. What are some tips you like to use when creating your personal style and wardrobe? 

Warmly ~


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