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Monday, June 19, 2017

Travel season is upon us and potential vacation spots have been running through my mind nonstop. Ever since moving to Texas years ago, the summers have been reserved for California with my side of the family. It's really the only time we get to spend together, with the exception of Christmas sometimes, and the kids really look forward to it. This year however, we wanted to switch things up and do something a little different and more low key. 

Relaxing, but affordable getaways is what I'm more interested in this year, perhaps a beach house stay or a trip not too far away, like New Orleans to enjoy the amazing food and historical attractions. My little sister just moved to Las Vegas and I'd also love to visit her if I can manage to score some decently priced tickets. I'm telling you, plane tickets for a family of 4 add up so quickly. Since it's high peak season for travel, you can expect to see tickets ranging from the mid $200's to nearly $600 for domestic travel alone. Insane, I know!

Pink Quartz Earrings from World Market

No matter the destination, I'll be turning to a few essentials that'll be a huge help during the mini trips we take this Summer. One of them being this rose gold waist band that I absolutely adore! Initially meant for hold my belongings at the gym, I've been loving this waist band, bum bag, modern fanny pack (what have you), for so much more! It's incredibly comfy and the metallic rose gold makes it so stylish and cute to wear.  I've worn it to amusement parks and the farmer's market and it was seriously the best!  I didn't miss my crossbody bag one bit when I wore this! And I get compliments too, every time I wear it!  They just love the convenience of this bag and this modern take on a retro classic. A brilliant style in my option. I can fit my iPhone 6S, credit cards, keys, and cash, without it looking bulky and the straps are easily adjustable.

I also have the matching earbud case that's perfect for the gym and for travel. I don't know how many times I lost or got my earphones tangled in my tote. This case has made things so much easier for me and the little investment of $10 was well worth it to help keep me organized.  I've even stowed my earrings and necklace in this case before working out. It's definitely a cute compliment to my waist band and is very much needed.

My Tagalongs Rose Gold Waist Band (Other Styles are Available)
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Bliss Water Bottle Carry All Armband Touch

I will surely be leaning on these essentials during our summer outings and travels, whenever they may be.  Hopefully, a couple of destinations will be booked soon for travel in July and I simply can't wait! Where will you be heading off to this summer?! 

Warmly ~  

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