Monday, May 15, 2017

As a creative, event stylist, and blogger, my mind is constantly searching for new ways to be creative and inspired. For some, it begins with looking through magazines or scrolling through online resources, such as Pinterest. As for myself, inspiration actually begins with my wardrobe. Have you ever heard of the saying, you are what you wear? Personally, that applies to me and it's my wardrobe that keeps me on track with my designs, whether it's for my home, making decor or getting inspired for a new blog post.  

If you've been following me along, I really enjoy the use of organic and natural elements, especially wood. It's the foundation for a beautiful backdrop and from there I like to add color, patterns, and textures to complete the look. Lately, I've been wanting to add more black and white decor pieces to my blush infused home. To help keep me focused on my design while shopping, I decided to pick an outfit that catered to the colors I was going for. This way, during my search for the perfect pieces to add, I have an outfit to use as reference for the design plan I want to incorporate. You should give it a try sometime. Use your outfit as a way of keeping you inspired and creative through your projects.

One item that has been a lovely addition to my wardrobe is my JORD wood watch for it's modern and unique style. My FRANKIE Series women's watch is a gorgeous dark sandalwood with a smoke colored face. The quality is truly amazing, and it's very comfortable to wear because of it's smooth finish. Even with a larger face style, this watch is very lightweight for those that wear minimal accessories. One of my favorite features are the rose gold details! It shines through in the light and it's just so pretty and girly, which I love! There are many styles and face colors to choose from HERE for women's watches, as well as men's watches available on their website, HERE. I have been wanting to get my husband a watch for Father's Day coming up in a few weeks and he would really appreciate a unique watch such as this! Hmm, couples watches for the win! 

Like jewelry, watches are one of those pieces that complete your look and they're pretty & inspiring to look at throughout the day. Not only that, but my wood watch has been a reliable way of keeping me on track throughout the day. As a mom, I am constantly on a time schedule and it's nice to have my watch to refer to, instead of trying to find my phone in my large tote bag. How many moms can relate with me on that?  So, I'm sure you can understand how this watch has really added value to my daily lifestyle, both personally and with work. You can also read more about JORD watches and their philosophy behind wearing time well on their website

Now, here's the best part! JORD has been kind enough to offer a giveaway to all my wonderful readers, so you can have an amazing watch for yourself to enjoy or gift to someone special! Simply fill out the entry form online HERE and you're set to go! The winner will receive a $100 gift code to use towards any wood watch of their choice and all those who enter will receive a $25 gift code to use towards any of the women's and men's wood watches that they offer. The giveaway will close June 4, 2017 at 11:59PM. Also, note that your code will be effective until August 31, 2017. 

Enjoy your day and good luck friends!

Warmly ~
Luxury Wooden Watch

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