Leaf Heart Wreath DIY

Monday, May 8, 2017

As we're trying to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day, I decided to post a long awaited tutorial of a fresh leaf wreath that I featured on Instagram last month. It was a simple DIY that I enjoyed putting together and it would make the loveliest gift to a mother, grandmother, aunt or gardening aficionado. There's nothing more welcoming and heart-felt than a handmade wreath. It's something they can display in their home and it's a gift I think anyone would absolutely love! If you'd like to see how I made this pretty wreath, please keep reading to get all the details. 

These are the items that you will need to make your wreath, which most can be found at your craft store:

>> 5 Paper Wrapped Stem Wire - 18 gauge
>> Brown or Green Floral Tape
>> Thin Floral Wire
>> Small Pliers 
>> Scissors
>> 1 Large Bunch of Filler Flowers (Greenery or Flowers of your Choice - purchased from your local grocery store)
>> Decorative Ribbon 

On a flat surface, take 4 paper wrapped stemmed wire and lay them down to form a heart. 2 as half circles to form the top of the heart and 2 to form each side of the heart, as seen below. 

Once everything is in place, take your pliers and twist the ends together to secure the top center of the heart, as well as the bottom. Use floral tape to connect and fuse the sides of the heart together. 

Onward to the flowers. Pre-cut all the greenery or flowers, removing any long stems, and position them along the heart. Feel free to move flowers around and make adjustments until you're happy with the look.

Starting from the bottom, add your first piece of greenery to the wreath and secure it to the paper wrapped stem using floral wire. Twist the floral wire until the greenery is snug in place. You will repeat this on either side of the wreath as you move up, adjusting and carefully bending the greenery as needed to create your shape. For this particular wreath, I used a total of 8 greenery stems. 

You can also use wildflowers, lavender bunches, wax flowers and eucalyptus branches. as other great options to make your wreath with.  For something more long lasting, a faux flower wreath is just as lovely!  

Once you've covered the entire wreath, carefully turn the wreath over to the back to add more support to the top of the heart. To maintain the curved shape at the top, with the weight of the flowers/greenery, take one additional wrapped stemmed wire and form it into a widened letter "M" (as shown in the photos below).

When you add your decorative ribbon on both sides of the heart, ensure that the ribbon is knotted tightly around both the wreath and the additional shaped wire.  This is a simple way to secure the curved shape of the heart.  

Congratulations, you now you have yourself an elegant wreath for gifting! I have also made this for special events and weddings that I style, as well as for my own home, where it's beautifully displayed in my dining room. I hope you give this a try, they're sure to love it!

Have a lovely week friends and stay tuned for a special Mother's Day edition post coming very soon! xo

Warmly ~

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