Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Monday and Hello April! I'm always thankful for a new month because it brings about a new wave of inspiration all around. March was a pretty eventful month, overwhelming at times, which left me feeling a bit lack luster these past couple of weeks. With some fine tuning and re-grouping, I'm feeling worlds of inspiration and it all starts with a good dose of Monday Inspo!

I think it's pretty apparent that I have this obsession with floral everything! Flowers are joyful, romantic, soft and elegant and I enjoy incorporating them where I can. My aesthetic with florals not only corresponds with the fashion that I wear, but also extends into the decor in my space. These are the things that are sparking my interest around the home and I hope you love them as much as I do!

1. Relaxing with Florals: One place I love to unwind is through a warm bath or shower! I absolutely love floral prints in the bathroom because it adds an inviting and romantic feel to the room.

2. Hello Succulents: For those like myself that aren't the best at maintaining plants, succulents are the best way to go! They're very low maintenance to keep up, they're available anytime of the year, and they're eco-friendly.  Coming home to a beautiful arrangement of potted succulents is just as lovely as a big bouquet of flowers, except these last longer!

3. Floral Wreaths as Wall Art: I'm a huge fan of wreaths and garlands because they can decorate larger areas very easily. I handmade this heart shaped wreath a couple of weeks ago to fill a blank wall in my dining room. It adds a garden like feel to the room and is a wonderful piece to look at while entertaining. 

4. Adding Pretty Details Throughout:  If I haven't raved about Az + Airlee enough, let me tell you again how much I adore this shop! In my bedroom, I have a couple of Az + Airlee trinket dishes that highlight my special jewelry pieces, as seen in this former blog post. The dishes are wonderfully made, are gorgeous and girly, and showcase your favorite necklace and pair of earrings in the loveliest way possible. New items are being featured often, and if I could own each and everyone of her creations, I surely would! 

5. Eucalyptus Bouquets: As a budget friendly option, fill your vases with eucalyptus leaves or other greenery. Just as fragrant as fresh blooms, they add dimension & texture to your arrangements with a modern twist.   

With Spring being the season of blooming and starting anew, adding florals around the house (fresh or faux), is the perfect way to embrace the season. Enjoy the day and pick up a few pretties on your way home to brighten up the indoors! 

Warmly ~

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