5 Tips for Finding Inspiration

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Finding inspiration when you're in a rut can be a pretty difficult thing, especially when you're trying to quickly get out of it. As a blogger, it can be challenging to stay inspired and to post new content all the time. Especially during times where you feel overwhelmed, your mind becomes blank, leaving you unmotivated and doubtful. I tackled this problem for most of March, and it wasn't until the chaos subsided that I was able to bring myself out of it. These are the tips that I found very useful and I hope they help if you're needing a creative recharge.

1. Change your surroundings:  As some of you may know, we have a reno home and much of our limited space is serving a double purpose, while other area's of the house are being updated. Because of this, my work space was shared with my daughter's bedroom. I initially thought it was no big deal, but I found it very difficult to write there. I just didn't feel creative in that space. If you aren't feeling inspired where you're at, change your surroundings! Move near a window, change rooms, and if you have a laptop, try writing at a quiet park or new coffee shop. Sometimes we need to change our surroundings to get our creativity flowing again.

2. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break, and a long one if you need it! Social media can really consume us, between constantly posting and attending to all our social platforms. Even the daily tasks of running a small business can be quite demanding. I did it for 6 years and I never worked so hard in my life. On top of that, some of us still have to work, go to school, and/or take care of a family. Eventually you're going to feel burnt out, exhausted and uninspired. So, take a break for a weekend to give yourself some time to recharge. If you feel like you'll loose progress, it's going to be ok. Everyone takes a break at some point or another!  It may not be when you're having yours, but it's essential to rejuvenate ourselves in order to return even better than before. You'll be happy you did and will grow from it!

3. Go back to basics!  Think back to what inspired you in the beginning. Was it looking at fashion or home decor magazines, taking walks and enjoying nature, traveling (even it it was a short road trip to a neighboring city). Give some of those a try and see if they spark your interests again. For me, it was looking at weddings I previously styled and peeking into Anthropologie catalogs I've collected over time. I was reminded of the things that I love (colors, patterns and styles), which gave me new inspiration for future projects I'm now excited to work on.  

4. Bring the outdoors in! Set up fresh blooms in places that you pass by often. The entry way of your home, dining table, your bedroom, and on your work desk. Perhaps it's the color, the smell or even the brightness that motivates you to think of something new. Adding fresh flowers throughout the house or even cheerful floral prints here and there, like this one from Anthropologie, will create the ambiance you may have been needing. 

5. Stick to a calendar and write your thoughts & ideas in a journal! This is a tried and true tip that is so important to follow. To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed, put yourself on a schedule to keep you on track. You'll feel more organized, accomplish more, and will prevent you from feeling like you're all over the place.  Keeping your mind focused and organized will leave room for new ideas to come your way. And be sure to jot down those ideas in a journal! It's always a good reference when you're in need of new inspiration.

I hope these tips are helpful in getting you to feel inspired and motivated once again to blog, create or start something new! It is a process, but it will be well worth it, especially when you come out feeling eager and full of new ideas.  Have a wonderful holiday ahead and thank you so much for hanging out with me awhile! xx

Warmly ~

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