The Art of Shopping Vintage

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I first started vintage shopping back in 2011, when I launched my decor shop, Pretty with Sprinkles. It's now become one of my favorite things to do, as a fun outing with the family, as well as a place to gain inspiration for the events and interiors that I style. 

With antiques becoming more popular, thanks to the Modern Farmhouse trend and vintage inspired home goods from Anthropologie, it leaves many wondering how to shop vintage. Where do you go? What do you look for and how do you incorporate it into your space? I've really developed an art for vintage shopping and these are a few tips that will help you find the perfect vintage pieces!

1. Start small by visiting local thrift stores for small items. Brass goblets, trinket dishes, candle holders, and frames would all make pretty additions to your coffee table, bar cart, and on your dresser. Check out my "Pretty Places for Your Jewels" post (here), showcasing some of these in action.

Etsy is also a great online resource for finding vintage goods. I purchased blush wine glasses, books, as well as a peach suitcase from many great shops.

2. Attend Flea Markets. I adore Flea Markets, like Vintique Flea, held every few months showcasing special vintage pieces from a variety of vendors. Vintage fashion accessories to vintage mirrors and treasures from all over the world, it's an event you definitely don't want to miss. Some of my best finds came from these markets.

3. Vintage goods are cheaper than vintage inspired goods. You'll find that some vintage inspired decor can be pretty pricey, made in poor quality. If you find an item that looks just like what you see in your favorite magazines or stores, then you're in luck! You get the original version that's most likely hand crafted, at a lower price tag.    

4. What to look for. When shopping vintage, I try to narrow it down to brass, silver, wood, and weathered metal. If they have one of these characteristics, I'm interested. From there, look for unique details (ex. lace or floral designs like you see in the lantern above). Last year, I purchased a pair of floral buckets that were originally from a floral shop in France. They were rusted in the loveliest way, telling it's story of a once vessel for exquisite flowers. A few rust and patina marks add charm, so it's all personal preference with how aged you want your finds to be.

5. Items worth shopping for.  Other than the smaller goods I mentioned, here are some other items worth looking for:
A Place for your Blooms: Galvanized buckets, planters & vases to house flowers and small plants around your space.
Larger Items: Wooden benches, garden stands, old doors, chairs, gold mirrors, desks and dressers.

If it doesn't have a function, but you just love the look of it, like this mint antique below, I say go for it!  Let it be a statement piece to be admired. 

Incorporate vintage pieces in small doses at first, offsetting them with more modern day decor to keep things looking current & beautiful. Vintage pieces look their best when married with other styles. All in all, just have fun and enjoy the day! It's all about the experience and admiring beautiful things from the past.

Warmly ~

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