Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Embroidered or embellished, classic oxfords have been given an upgrade, thanks to floral designs and gems! As a new arrival to Zara, this oxford has tons of personality with a darling motif of pretty jewels. I love how girly, yet polished this top makes me feel ... and together with a pleated skirt, you're sure to have heads turning as you walk by.

The fit of this top is slightly structured, so I paired it with a flowy skirt for effortless elegance. But for a denim on denim outfit that lengthens your body shape, a pencil style denim skirt would be an excellent companion. A crossbody bag and mules or sneaks, you're set to go flower shopping or to brunch with your gal pal!  

There's a cute bakery that my dear friend and I have been wanting to go to, so I look forward to wearing this ensemble, while sipping on a vanilla latte and enjoying a croissant or two. 

Ann Taylor Leopard Pumps (Similar here & here)
Street Level Crossbody Handbag (Similar herehere & here)
Boho Betty Wrap Bracelet
Get 20% off Boho Betty using code: PrettywithSprinkles

So, what do you think of this combo? Have an amazing week lovelies and until next time ... XO from Texas!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Today is the first day of a jam packed weekend, filled with events galore! One of these being a baseball tournament in Sugarland, that my hubby will be playing in. Go Spring Legends! The hubs always laughs at me every time I go to his games because I tend to get a little dressed up with cute sunnies & curled hair, wearing a flowy number."What's wrong with that," I always say with a shrug and a wink, wink. **  

Nonetheless, I have a few favorites that will be keeping me put together this weekend and I'm so excited to share them with you today!  Here we go ...

As a drugstore find, I was pleasantly surprised how much I love this sponge....and I mean LOVE! I've been using the beauty blender pro for about a year now and after having to replace it every 3 months, I was on the search for a budget friendly option. Thank goodness, I found it in this sponge! It's denser and larger than the beauty blender when dampened, but it apply's your foundation like a dream! There are two angled sides that are perfect for applying my cream products, concealer, highlighter and blush. It does come with a smaller sponge, which is best for spot concealing.  It's under $10 and I highly, highly recommend it!

Since I wanted to try more of the EcoTools line, I decided to give a couple of their new brushes a try! The fan brush in this duo is absolutely amazing, with it's super soft bristles. It's fluffy & larger than your typical fan brush, but it provides a feather like application. If you are on the search for great quality brushes at a great price point, than I urge you to check them out at your local Ulta or on their website. Next on my list is their powder brush!

{Wearing Drunk Elephant moisturizer with 1 pump
of my cream foundation & Ouai Dry Shampoo}

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

If you follow me on Instagram, one of the things I've been raving about is this moisturizer from Drunk Elephant. With a lack of drinking water, my skin has unfortunately gotten drier. Does anyone else have problems drinking water in the Winter? The unique push down applicator provides the perfect amount every time and although it is a cream, it melts into your skin within seconds. You're left feeling hydrated with even-toned skin. I use it morning & night, and enjoy mixing this in with a pump of foundation to act as a tinted moisturizer.

What a game change this has turned out to be. This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo hands down and I promise it won't disappoint! This mouse formula refreshes your hair, while adding volume at the same time. And the volume last's all day! I couldn't have asked for a better product! I was on the verge of giving up on dry shampoo, until I found this. Thank you Ouai!

Let's talk about this amazing bomber from Forever 21. It's plush, has gorgeous quilting, and comes in a dreamy lavender shade. What's not to love! It's become a pretty popular jacket, so if you can pick it up in store, I say get your hands on it.  I also ordered a large for an more over-sized look. An alternative, just as lovely can be found in the same color at H&M stores, but other colors are available online here.

If your plan is to relax this weekend, be sure to check out my favorite series of all time, Hart of Dixie on Netflix.  It's the cutest series you will ever see, with a similar vibe to Gilmore Girls! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend lovelies and chat with you again soon! xo

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As a stylist, I'm often re-arranging books & trinkets on my coffee table, and moving bits & bobs from one area to another. Since I work from home, I'm constantly looking for inspiration all around and it all starts with my home decor and the things that I wear.


Over the past month, I've been adding a few little additions to freshen up our space. Much of my design aesthetic incorporates a mix of pretty textures, romantic patterns, and sophisticated colors.  I enjoy experimenting with different styles and don't mind sneaking in a little modern glam, as I did with a couple of rose gold wired baskets that I purchased at Nordstrom Rack.

Basket Options:  Nordstrom Rack Rose Gold Baskets (In store only) // H&M Metal Wire Baskets // CB2 Wire Baskets


I've always loved marble surfaces, especially in coffee tables, but they can be pretty pricey. If you're working with a budget, try finding marble surfaces in smaller doses, such as a tray, cutting board, coasters, or an accent table. Adding small elements of marble and dressing them up with pretty trinkets & candles will give you that luxe look until you're ready to splurge on an expensive furniture piece. This can also go for wood or other unique surfaces you prefer. 


This tip works amazingly for your bedroom and office space. Take a simple IKEA clothing rack and display your favorite wardrobe pieces. You can create a color and texture scheme of white and lace, as I did or create your own that is unique to your style. To dress things up even further, hang all your lovelies on wooden or metallic gold hangers. Display pretty bottled skincare products, makeup, and perfumes in a cute arrangement for side tables. It's girly & feminine, turning your space into a place that keeps you ever so inspired by beauty & fashion!


There's nothing more lovely than a bouquet of blooms to liven things up in a room. When used as wall art, you can create a beautiful embellishment for a once bare space.  Use a bundle of eucalyptus leaves or your favorite flowers. String roses into a garland to drape over your bed or window. Feeling like you just woke up in a dreamy garden is all a girl can really ask for!

Try taking a peek into Marshall's and Home Good's too, where I was able to find really lovely low-priced home decor. Anthropologie is my ultimate place for beautifully patterned goods, so be sure to do a little shopping there as well.

With Spring around the corner, have you made any home updates lately? Thanks so much for hanging out with me a while and chat with you again soon!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Friday lovelies!  I'm starting a new series called Friday Favorites, showcasing all the things I've been loving lately in fashion, beauty, home decor, and more. With so many great products out there to try and love, I thought it would be exciting to reveal new finds with you every week or two, with hopes that you'll give them a try! So without further ado, here is a round up of the things I've been loving lately ...

// Swatches of the Tom Ford Seductive Rose Eyeshadow Quad and 
Bite Beauty's Multistick in Broiche on the far right. //

After going through my stash of TF eye quads, I came across one that I typically reserve for special occasions.  The Seductive Rose eyeshadow quad is absolutely one of my favorites, with two soft satin finish shadows and two celestial glitter shades. I've been really into glitter this month and Tom Ford does it best, with a sophisticated take on glitter that sparkles so gorgeously! I first apply the pale pink shade all over the lid, followed by the plum purple shade in my outer V.  I top off the look with either the pink or lavender glitter by pressing it onto my lids with my fingertip.  This provides the best pay off in my opinion, and looks absolutely stunning!   

I can not tell you enough how much I've been loving the multistick from Bite Beauty in Brioche! I've worn it quite a bit in many of my posts and it has made my makeup routine much simpler. Brioche translates on my skin as a rusty mauve tone, reminiscent of the colors that were popular from the 90's. Maybe that's why I like it so much. It has a cream to powder formula, making it easy to apply to your eyes, cheeks, and lips using a brush or your fingertips. For application to the cheeks, I like to apply it onto the back of my hand first, and then use a stippling brush to dab it onto the apples of my cheeks.  I plan to pick up two more shades in Cashew and Caramel, so I highly recommend you give any of the 18 shades a try! 

Newest to Gucci in the Marmont Matalasse collection is this color in Light Pink! It's a petal pink shade in person and love that it's another alternative to nude. According the sales associate, this crossbody bag will eventually replace the Soho Leather Disco handbag, which I've also been eyeing for months! I chose this bag because of the gorgeous quilting and I also love the gold monogram on the front. I'm moving more from totes to crossbody handbags, which seems to be the most versatile for busy gals like myself!
When I first started watching YouTube years ago, one of the first people I followed was Estee Lalonde. Her sassy and genuine personality had me hooked and I've been watching her videos ever since. She recently wrote a book called Bloom: Navigating Life & Style, where she talks about her journey to becoming who she is today. A Canadian, now living with her boyfriend in London, she takes you through her journey of discovering herself, and offers tips for overcoming challenges in life. It's a lovely read and I urge you to check it out!   

As you might know from a previous post (here), I'm in love with the embroidery trend! I'm so glad it's continuing into Spring, extending into jeans, skirts, and shoes. Pleasantly comfy, this button down is one I plan to wear often with jeans, a pencil skirt or with black leggings! I was able to get it on sale in store for $36, so I recommend checking it out in the store first before purchasing it online. It hits below the bum (which I like) and purchased my regular size M. For reference, I'm a size 6/8 and I'm 5'5.  You could also size up and belt it, to wear as a dress! So many options!

Have a fantastic day loves!

Warmly ~

Dressing Up in Pretty Jewels

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This month, I've taken notice of a few new launches in accessories, showcasing soft hues with a vintage romantic vibe. There couldn't have been a style more fitting for the upcoming season! I used to rarely put on jewelry, except for a few pieces my husband bought me over the years. It was all about wearing beautiful patterns and keeping everything else bare. Plus, when my kids were in their toddler phase, it didn't seem practical to accessorize, but with a nice handbag. I failed to realize though, that my outfits were in need of friends.

It wasn't until they got a little older that I re-discovered how well accessories (worn in the right way), could really pull a look together. With winter wear layers being replaced soon with flowy dresses and more exposed skin, it's the best time to show off some pretties!

When it comes to wearing jewelry and accessories, I like to follow two practices:

1.  If your outfit has beautiful detail that deserves the spotlight, such as a floral print or beautiful texture, I like to add daintier jewelry to compliment the look. Small bracelets, thin cuffs, as well as simple necklaces or chokers will marry the look together, without looking overdone. A gorgeous hair pin is also a great option for everyone, even for mom's with little one's.

2. When wearing simpler silhouettes or solid colors, one statement piece can do wonders for your look. A collection of layered necklaces, a bib necklace, a larger cuff or drop style earrings come to mind.  It's a wonderful way to balance out a simple look and look like a million bucks wearing' it.

Sand Crystal Double Wrap Band by Boho Betty
{Use coupon code: prettywithsprinkles for 20% off your Boho Betty order}
Henri Bendel Rose Gold Cuff (Similar here)
H&M Rose Gold Lace Cuff (Similar here)

Try to look for pieces that you can see yourself wearing with many of your outfits. Choose colors and styles that are universal, such as neutrals or gold & silver. And have fun layering metals and textures! I've been a fan of mixing gold and rose gold jewelry together, which looks really pretty and ultra-feminine.

Not sure how to store your jewelry?! Check out a previous post of mine (here), where I share a few storage options for your jewels. What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?! I'd love to hear all about it!

Links: 1 , 2, 3, 45, 67, 89

 Til next time lovelies! xo

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello, hello everyone! With the new year in full swing, I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about the person behind the blog. Being a mix of a Southern Belle and the Girl Next Door, I'm a person that started off very shy and bloomed into someone that seeks to inspire, spread positivity, and share my current passions with others. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into who I am and here are 30 random facts about me, in no particular order:

1. My name is Emmahlyn (Pronounced: Emma-Lynn). It's a combination of my Mom and Grandma's name - the two most important people in my Dad's life.
2. In a nutshell, I am half Filipino and half Spanish/ European.
3. I'm the oldest of 3 sisters. 
4. I was born in Sacramento, California and lived in Northern California for most of my life.  
5. I moved to finish college in Texas years ago and have been here ever since.
6. I'm married and have 2 kiddos, whom I love more than anything!
7. My favorite food is Spaghetti and pasta in general. 
8. My favorite dessert is anything that includes strawberries and pastries!
9. I wanted to be a broadcast journalist since I was a little girl and would often pretend I was a T.V. host in my room. Special thanks to my cousin and the countless visits to E! Entertainment.
10. I have always loved to dance (jazz & hip hop) and it's the one thing that clears my head when I'm stressed.
11. I was captain of my cheerleading squad at Valley High School (so California, right) and it's the reason why I always SMILE!
12. I find great joy in doing nice things for others!
13. In my 20's, I was a Hawaiian dancer for a California based Halau, and my Hawaiian name is "Mapu'ana."
14. I have 3 tattoos and want a few more!
15. My favorite colors are soft white, cream, blush, gold, and peach.
16. I'm obsessed with styling spaces and interior design!
17. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would love to visit Spain and Italy. 
18. My favorite holiday is Mother's Day!
19. I secretly wish I had a British accent.
20. I seek change and become anxious when things are routine for too long. 
21. I come from a family of musicians.
22. I love reading inspirational quotes daily to promote positivity in my life. 
23. I was President of my sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Iota Chapter at the University of Houston.
24. I'm all about the flowers and lace life!
25. Three words that best describe me are: loving, compassionate, and a perfectionist.
26. I love the idea of gardening, but I'm horrible at keeping plants alive!
27. I'm ridiculously afraid of bugs!
28. I do not cuss! Bad words don't sound right coming out of my mouth.
29. My favorite TV series of all time: Hart of Dixie on Netflix.
30. Favorite Movies: Anything with Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lopez. A few movies being: Miss Congeniality, the Wedding Planner, Monster-in-Law, and The Proposal.

Thank you so much for following along and I hope to be a helpful resource for fashion, beauty, and home decor, as well as a place to come to when you want to unwind. It is so lovely to meet you and chat with you again very soon! xo

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Hi lovelies! 2017 has pleasantly surprised me with so many great finds, that much of what I've hauled has been on rotation these last few weeks. One of these happens to be embroidery everything! I actually grew fond of this style when I first started shopping at Anthropologie, decades ago it seems. I've purchased a few pieces over the years and like to think of embroidery as another take on lace for it's intricate designs. They still remain in my closet (front and center), receiving much love from yours truly. So you can imagine when I started seeing embroidery popping up everywhere, I was right on board! 

Zara has really stood out among many with stunning pieces of embroidery work, from button down shirts and dresses, to jeans and handbags. During one of my recent shopping days, I picked up this dress on sale and this striped top here, with a similar pattern. When I wear this dress, I feel like a chic girl, strolling the beautiful streets of Spain. I'm half Spanish, by the way :)

Anyi Lu: Gigi Slingback Heels (here)

It's been a while since I've owed a pair of slingback heels. But when I saw these gorgeous nude pumps with uniquely lacquered heels, I was sold!  I adore the slim buckles across the front and love how the gold catches the light when you're walking in them! They make the prettiest compliment to any dress or flowy skirt.  They're on the pricier side, but I haven't seen a design like this before. I'd recommend going up a half size, as they do run small. 

How pretty is this detail in the back!

I like to pair billowy dresses with a small crossbody bag like this, so choose your favorite, along with a pair of heels or booties to complete this magnificent look! This floral Zara dress is available in stores only, so I urge you to get your hands on it if you can.  A similar version in black is also on sale, which has been highly popular since the Fall. 

Check out more embroidery pieces worth your while by clicking on the links below. What do you think of this trend? Yay or Nay?! Til next time ...

6. HD in Paris Pinstripe Button Down from Anthropologie

7. HD in Paris Floral Blouse from Anthropologie

8. Storets Flower Collar Blouse (I seriously NEED this in my life!)

Warmly ~

A Garden Valentine's Day Set for Two

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Whether it's spending time with your love or with your bestie on Valentine's Day, make it a special evening with a pretty tablescape set for two! Imagine wining and dining with your favorite dish and spending hours chatting under the stars. It's dreamy, magical, and very easy to achieve! 

For today's look, I really wanted to create a dreamy garden table setting that was very budget friendly. To dress up a small dining table or desk, a velvet table runner will amp things up beautifully. No worries if your table isn't in tip top shape. There are many affordable fabric tablecloths at Target or you can visit a local fabric store, such as Joann's, to purchase 4-5 yards of linen or ivory muslin to lay over your table. 

For the flowers, I deconstructed these faux blooms and stems to create mini flower arrangements. You can pair bouquets of 2 or 3 blooms at a time and hot glue them onto a bed of petals. To keep things secure,  I hand sewed them onto the velvet ribbon using pink thread.

Style Tip: To keep your eye drawn to the whole look from top to bottom, keep the ribbon long enough to drape gorgeously alongside the table. A small wrapped bouquet of fresh lavender or your favorite flowers in the center of the table, makes the perfect topper to this garden themed look. 

Another way to add pretty elements is to find plates and wine glasses with texture and patterns. I love the idea of each person having a different plate with a unique pattern or border, making it more personalized. These dinner plates were purchased on sale at Anthropologie and the gold rimmed blush wine glasses are still available at Marshall's for $4 each. There are lots of affordable options out there for dinnerware and you don't have to spend a fortune to collect quality pieces.  

We have lights strung along the oaks trees in our backyard, so when the sun goes down, the whole look will be very dreamy and picturesque. Oh what a lovely night it will be! Valentine's Day is all about spending time with the people you love and care for. So, make it memorable in a space you made with love. If the weather isn't ideal where you live, this table setting can easily be set up indoors. Add cute twinkling lights and a candle or two and you're set to go! Wouldn't this also be perfect for a Valentine's Day brunch?! So many possibilities! 

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine's Day and I can't wait to chat with you again soon! xo

Warmly ~
by mlekoshi