Finding Motivation in the New Year + Achieving your goals

Monday, January 9, 2017

It's a brand new year, making it the perfect time to organize your life, mind, and soul! Creating goals for yourself, whether it be eating healthier, saving money or prioritizing your lifestyle at home or at work, setting personal goals is the right step towards a "better you." It's an exciting time thinking of all the amazing things we want to achieve for ourselves! But how do we get there? Is it even attainable? Implementing the right steps to get you to your goals is key to making them a reality. Below are 8 tips that will help give you the confidence and tools to reach your goals, while keeping you motivated in the process.


1. First and foremost, write down your goals and aspirations for the year. Write them in a notebook, on a chalkboard, or print them from your laptop to display in a place you can refer to often (ex. your office, on the wall of your bathroom or on your bedside table). This way you have a constant reminder of the goals you are working towards. Referencing them often will keep you focused and on track during your journey.


2.  For larger goals, set small goals first that are easier to reach in less time. Let's say you want to become more fit this year. Instead of implementing a strict diet with an intense workout, start by portion sizing and adding more vegetables & fruits to your meals. You can also increase your water intake and incorporate a fun workout plan twice a week. Slowly build from there until you are able to begin your next set of goals. It's more satisfying mentally to achieve smaller goals along the way, with more opportunities to celebrate. Plus, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Enjoy the journey and you'll stay motivated until you reach your ultimate goal(s).


3. Purchase a detailed planner to keep your life and priorities organized.  I like to find planners that can easily be stowed away in your tote, to reference whenever you need them. I've really enjoyed using calendars from and Target, which include tabs with monthly, weekly, and daily views, as well as a "notes" and a "to-do list" section. Be sure to check-off each task when it is completed. You'll have a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are another step closer to achieving your goals.


4. Make it a daily routine to find inspiration and affirmations to keep you motivated.  While you are sipping on your morning coffee or taking a break from work, search for inspirational quotes and messages that keep your mind and soul positive. You can search on Pinterest, Instagram, in self-help books, and even on podcasts. Personally, attending church on Sundays and watching Pastor Joel Osteen's weekly ministries have been incredibly inspiring and uplifting to me. Take it one step further by having words of wisdom displayed throughout the house that encourage positive thinking. I believe it's important to fill your mind with overwhelming hope and positivity.    


5. Think of the New Year as a fresh start, a clean slate. Whatever was brewing in 2016, make it a priority to free yourself of it all in 2017.  You don't want any negative vibes keeping you from reaching your highest potential. This past year was a challenging one for me, but I'm making efforts to put it all aside, feeling confident that I can now move on and achieve all the things I need to this year. Reaching your goals is a process and takes time, so why complicate things with negative energy.


6.  This may go hand and hand with tip 4, but use prayer & meditation to clear your mind and to keep you grounded along the way. Getting too stressed or feeling pressured can prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals.


7.  It is just that! Keep going and believe in yourself; the best things come with patience and hard work! If you give up and stop, you won't be heading anywhere. Do your best, work hard, and keep at it ... something good is bound to happen. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

And my bonus tip....


8. One of the best tips I've ever received was to "fake it until you make it."  For me, growing my brand and my blog are main priorities this year. To keep me motivated and on track, I need to act as if I'm already at the level I want to be at.  This will give me the confidence that I need as I'm working towards these goals. What if you want to bring your online business to the next level? Act like you're already there. Make yourself busy with producing new products, update your website, make new business cards, etc., to keep you excited and moving forward through the process.

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I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you much success in all your endevours this 2017. What are some of the goals you've set for yourself this year? Whatever they may be, I'm sure you will fulfill each and every one of them with flying colors! xo
Warmly ~

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