Saturday, January 28, 2017

Many moons ago in 2011, I started a decor shop through Etsy, called Pretty with Sprinkles. The name came about because my style centered around all the things I very much admired - lace, romantic colors, vintage finds, and more. This style carried through many avenues, from my clothing down to the decor in my home. My jewelry display conveys my modern romantic style and I'm excited to share it with you today!

It's part of my daily repertoire to complete my outfit with one item of jewelry and a spritz of my favorite perfume. I find myself satisfied with simple and dainty, which is classic and sexy (if I do say so myself). It's understated in the best way possible, but don't get me wrong.  I do love layering necklaces and wearing a statement piece when it fits the occasion.

Accessories that I wear often or pieces that hold sentimental value are kept highlighted on a few dishes of sorts, while others are placed in footed glass vases and unexpected holders. This pretty set-up keeps me excited about dressing up and has me admiring these treasured pieces when they're not being worn.

I was very lucky to come across these trinket ring dishes by AZ and Airalee.  They all have such amazing detail! I particularly love the one monogrammed with the initial of my first name. Wouldn't this make the perfect ring holder for a wedding?!

I love the look of terrariums! They're modern and have unique lines, which are so beautiful to me. They may have been created to house mini plants, but I think it also makes the loveliest spot for necklaces, like this one from Bearfruit.

Rose Gold Lace Cuff (In H&M Stores Only) // Bearfruit Circle Necklace 
Target Pink Vase  (Currently on Sale here) // Triangle Terrarium (Marshall's)

Mercury glass candle holders, decorative mugs, as well as vintage water goblets would also make excellent options for storing your jewels and accessories. I'm truly happy with how things are stowed and it's become the prettiest part of my bedroom. What do you like to display your jewelry in? Thanks for staying awhile and chat again soon ... xo

Warmly ~

Detailed + Darling

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm happy to report that it's been an awesome month for new finds, both in beauty and with shoes! January favorites are coming soon to the blog, but today we're talking all about SHOES! For me, when it comes to finding the perfect pair, it's the little details that draw me in. It can be the simplest style, but when there is a splash of beautiful detail, you can guarantee that I'll be taking a closer look!

These flats from Sam Edelman were one's that I had been eyeing since Nordstrom's anniversary sale over the Summer. I tend to go through flats pretty fast, since they're an easy go-to. You can carry them in your tote for those just in case moments and they're also great for traveling. So, the more flats the merrier!

With these pretties, the scalloped detail is gorgeously whimsical and romantic. They're a high quality shoe, made with soft leather, which is what separates these flats from other similar styles. And the blush color (awh) ... it's spot on with my style and I look forward to wearing them with everything!

Sam Edelman Augusta Flats (In Nordstrom Rack stores & here & here)

It's no surprise that I had to get another pair of sneakers to add to my growing collection! Sneakers are super comfortable, chic, and come in many flattering styles. I've been connected to pom-poms most of my life it seems (from my cheerleading days to pom-pom making through my Etsy shop) and these were no exception. Aren't they just darling?! You'll be surprised how well these flatter your outfit and they make your legs looked lengthened and slim. They'll compliment well with leggings and an over-sized sweater, along with midi length skirts.  They just add a fun look to your outfit and I've really enjoyed wearing them out! They're a popular shoe that are available in a variety of colors, so be sure to pick these up quick! In terms of sizing, they are true to size and have a roomy fit because of the slip-on style. Might I add, they just came out with a "mini me" version of this shoe and I'll be placing an order for my daughter Madison this week! So, so excited! 

Sam Edelman "Cynthia Leya" Sneakers for Kids (here) & Toddlers (here)

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to try new styles! Whatever catches your eye, try it on! It may end up looking amazing  - you make the style and not the other way around. Be confident in what you wear and rock what you love! There is nothing more stylish than a confident person! Til next time ...

Warmly ~ 

Monochrome {Burgundy + Blush}

Friday, January 20, 2017

Surprisingly enough, 2017 has started off with many special celebrations, from birthdays to baby showers! I wanted to share with you a monochrome look that I wore to a recent event, which can be easily transitioned from work to play. Rich colors, like burgundy and berry tones are gorgeous to wear during the winter months. They look beautiful against the colorful leaves and wintery snow all around. 

To compliment, you can certainly add a long cardigan in any beige or grey shade, but for the office, a blush blazer gives a lovely, softened contrast to this look. Putting together monochrome outfits is essentially choosing varying shades from the same color wheel and pairing them together to create one cohesive look. To give you more of an idea, you can pair a cream top with white skinny jeans, a beige coat, and complete your outfit with black loafers. 

Keeping with the burgundy/berry tones, I used a new favorite product in my makeup look from Bite Beauty, which is their Multistick in Brioche! It's described as a rich terracotta shade, but translates on my skin as a stunning deep mauve shade. This multistick looks phenomenal as a wash of color on your eyelids, draped across your cheeks, and as a plumping lip color. Since it's a hybrid of a creamy matte formula, it applies and blends effortlessly with a brush or makeup sponge. I plan to do a review very soon on this recent find, so please stay tuned for that.

Monochrome looks can be quite easy to achieve. Shop your closet for similar shades and colors, mixing textures and patterns to bring personality to your look.  

Style Tip: Incorporate different fabrics and textures when pairing similar colors, as I did here with this velvet top from Old Navy and this ribbed midi skirt from Nordstrom Rack. 

Velvet Tank (here & in Old Navy Stores) - Similar here & here 
Harlowe & Graham Ribbed Midi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack (here)
Bite Beauty Multistick in Brioche (here)
H&M Blush Blazer (Old - similar here & here)

I hope this inspires you to give the monochrome look a try! Thank you for hanging out with me a while and have a great weekend ahead!

Warmly ~  

Romantic in BLUE + BLUSH

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When you think of neutrals, the colors that first come to mind are usually shades of whites, nudes, grey's, and beige. But blush has made it's way into the neutral family and has been welcomed with open arms! It's truly the most flattering color of all the neutrals (in my opinion), which is why it was no surprise that I wore a blush wedding gown when I tied the knot a few years ago. I like to think of blush as light pink's grown-up and sophisticated sister. It's a gorgeous blend of pink and nude and gives a soft and romantic sensibility to your look. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you will notice blush making its way into all styles of clothing and shoes.   

In today's post, I combined two colors and styles to create this look. The first is the blue + blush combo, with the second being casual meets dressy. The grey tone in this blue sweater keeps this ensemble so dreamy and the lace up detail adds a nice element of flirtiness. By marrying this casual sweater with a dressier skirt, this outfit becomes a great option for casual days, where you can feel comfortable, while still looking girly. And who doesn't love that? 

I highly encourage you to check out this lightweight lace-up sweater from Nordstrom Rack - it comes in 3 colors and is less than $30! Out of the lace-up sweaters that I've tried from many brands this season, this one has been one of my favorites! See all the details on this look below! xo

Harlow & Graham Sweater from Nordstrom Rack - Heather Blue (here)  
H&M Pleated Skirt - Blush (Similar herehere
Nordstrom Suede Peep Toe Heels - (Similar herehere
Top Shop Crossbody Bag (Similar here)

Enjoy the rest of your week friends and chat with you again soon! 

Warmly ~

Finding Motivation in the New Year + Achieving your goals

Monday, January 9, 2017

It's a brand new year, making it the perfect time to organize your life, mind, and soul! Creating goals for yourself, whether it be eating healthier, saving money or prioritizing your lifestyle at home or at work, setting personal goals is the right step towards a "better you." It's an exciting time thinking of all the amazing things we want to achieve for ourselves! But how do we get there? Is it even attainable? Implementing the right steps to get you to your goals is key to making them a reality. Below are 8 tips that will help give you the confidence and tools to reach your goals, while keeping you motivated in the process.


1. First and foremost, write down your goals and aspirations for the year. Write them in a notebook, on a chalkboard, or print them from your laptop to display in a place you can refer to often (ex. your office, on the wall of your bathroom or on your bedside table). This way you have a constant reminder of the goals you are working towards. Referencing them often will keep you focused and on track during your journey.


2.  For larger goals, set small goals first that are easier to reach in less time. Let's say you want to become more fit this year. Instead of implementing a strict diet with an intense workout, start by portion sizing and adding more vegetables & fruits to your meals. You can also increase your water intake and incorporate a fun workout plan twice a week. Slowly build from there until you are able to begin your next set of goals. It's more satisfying mentally to achieve smaller goals along the way, with more opportunities to celebrate. Plus, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Enjoy the journey and you'll stay motivated until you reach your ultimate goal(s).


3. Purchase a detailed planner to keep your life and priorities organized.  I like to find planners that can easily be stowed away in your tote, to reference whenever you need them. I've really enjoyed using calendars from and Target, which include tabs with monthly, weekly, and daily views, as well as a "notes" and a "to-do list" section. Be sure to check-off each task when it is completed. You'll have a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are another step closer to achieving your goals.


4. Make it a daily routine to find inspiration and affirmations to keep you motivated.  While you are sipping on your morning coffee or taking a break from work, search for inspirational quotes and messages that keep your mind and soul positive. You can search on Pinterest, Instagram, in self-help books, and even on podcasts. Personally, attending church on Sundays and watching Pastor Joel Osteen's weekly ministries have been incredibly inspiring and uplifting to me. Take it one step further by having words of wisdom displayed throughout the house that encourage positive thinking. I believe it's important to fill your mind with overwhelming hope and positivity.    


5. Think of the New Year as a fresh start, a clean slate. Whatever was brewing in 2016, make it a priority to free yourself of it all in 2017.  You don't want any negative vibes keeping you from reaching your highest potential. This past year was a challenging one for me, but I'm making efforts to put it all aside, feeling confident that I can now move on and achieve all the things I need to this year. Reaching your goals is a process and takes time, so why complicate things with negative energy.


6.  This may go hand and hand with tip 4, but use prayer & meditation to clear your mind and to keep you grounded along the way. Getting too stressed or feeling pressured can prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals.


7.  It is just that! Keep going and believe in yourself; the best things come with patience and hard work! If you give up and stop, you won't be heading anywhere. Do your best, work hard, and keep at it ... something good is bound to happen. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

And my bonus tip....


8. One of the best tips I've ever received was to "fake it until you make it."  For me, growing my brand and my blog are main priorities this year. To keep me motivated and on track, I need to act as if I'm already at the level I want to be at.  This will give me the confidence that I need as I'm working towards these goals. What if you want to bring your online business to the next level? Act like you're already there. Make yourself busy with producing new products, update your website, make new business cards, etc., to keep you excited and moving forward through the process.

Sugar Paper Los Angeles Blush Planner (in Target stores only, similar here and here
Sugar Paper Los Angeles Polka Dot Planner (in Target stores only, similar here)
Parris Chic Boutique Pillow (here)   
Vine + Branches TX Oh Holy Night - Verse 3 Sign (here)
House of Belonging - Aedriel Darling Sign (here
Kennebunk Bliss Throw in Peony (here)

I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you much success in all your endevours this 2017. What are some of the goals you've set for yourself this year? Whatever they may be, I'm sure you will fulfill each and every one of them with flying colors! xo
Warmly ~

Best of 2016 {Beauty + Fashion}

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! There were many beauty favorites this past year and thanks to the endless phone chats and shopping excursions with my sister Marcia, I discovered new products that were major hits for me in 2016. It was difficult to narrow it down, but all the products below (beauty and fashion), have been used religiously and I highly recommend them all!  

This past year has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, and beauty ended up being the outlet that kept my spirits high. I've always been a beauty guru of sorts, looking for new products that bring out the natural beauty and youthfulness in my skin. I may have wanted full coverage back in my 20's, but my 30's are all about looking flawless, without looking overdone. Let's just say that I have secured my platinum/rouge status for the next couple of years at Sephora & Ulta. I know, I know...

With that said, I'm so happy to share the products I've loved this past year and let's get right into it!


I have been a loyal Tom Ford makeup user ever since I first discovered the brand at Neiman Marcus back in 2011. Every eye shadow palette and limited edition launch always worked with my skin tone and I felt I was meant to be a Tom Ford gal. There are a few things that became daily wear for me in 2016 and that is their Illuminating Primer and their Traceless Foundation Stick. The illuminating primer adds a hint of glow & hydration under your foundation, while helping to minimize pores. To achieve the best results, apply 1 pump to the areas of your face that you want to highlight (cheeks, forehead, and chin). The TF Traceless Foundation Stick is a cream based formula that glides onto your skin incredibly smooth and provides medium to full coverage. I like applying it with TF's cream foundation brush or with a beauty blender for medium coverage.  Apply more to the areas you desire coverage using your fingers tips. You'll have a radiant natural finish that looks absolutely amazing! For reference, my color is Sable (medium w/ yellow undertones) most of the year and Bisque (light-medium w/ yellow undertones) during the winter months.


Becca's Champagne Pop is my favorite highlighter and when the Limited Edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette came out, I knew I had to have it. Highly pigmented with a buttery formula, these blushes and highlighters are a complete dream and stunner on the skin! The blushes are perfect for day or night, with my favorite being Pamplemousse (a vibrant coral peachy pink). I also love mixing Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together to highlight my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow. Although the palette was limited edition, they do have the duo's with these shades, which I love as well. The duos are great for traveling, carrying in your purse or gym bag, and the packaging is oh so pretty. 

Among the many bronzer's that I own, the Too Faced Soliel Matte Bronzer in Chocolate takes the cake as the most worn bronzer of 2016! This bronzer is made with real cocoa and is perfect for contouring and adding warmth to your skin. Not to mention, it has a light chocolate scent when you apply it. Yum!  It's a product I fell in love with at first swipe and is now a staple in my makeup collection.


As a mama and avid coffee drinker, dark circles have made their way into my life and I make it a priority to find the products that help brighten up my under eye area. I picked up Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder halfway through the year and I've been using it ever since. It keeps my under eyes looking bright and refreshed, and it doesn't accentuate fine lines or wrinkles. The powder is so finely mined, that it creates a beautiful veil over your skin. It does contain white pigment, so I reserve it for under the eye area only and follow up with Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder in my t-zone. These products have done wonders in making my makeup look flawless throughout the day.

>> LIPS <<

Charlotte Tilbury is another brand favorite, having many of her makeup line from her magic cream moisturizer to lipsticks and everything in between. The Charlotte Tillbury "Lip Cheat" Lip Liners were hands down my favorite lip liners this past year. Pillowtalk and Iconic Nude are the two that I wore 98% of the time and you can tell they were well used. They apply with such ease and precision on the lips, making them fool proof. Some liners can be too buttery or dry to apply and these are completely opposite. Pillowtalk is a beautiful pinky nude and Iconic Nude is the perfect beigey nude. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks are also among my favorites because they're so comfortable on the lips and her shades are spot on. My favorites are Penelope Pink and Kim K.W.


Josie Maran products have been my go to for hydration this past year and I have found two products I can't go without. They are the 100% Pure Argan Oil and the Body Butter in Vanilla Bean. During the day, I like using argan oil as my moisturizer. It's lightweight and makes my foundation glide on smoothly. It's very calming on my skin and I really love using it everyday!

I am hands down a body butter person and I can never go a day without this body butter. The entire family feels the same and it just leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and supple. It has a soft whipped texture that feels so divine on your skin.  I highly recommend these two products to anyone and everyone!


For the past couple of years, I was drawn to floral and deeper scents (which I still enjoy), but in 2016 that all changed when I purchased this perfume by Jo Malone in Nectarine Blossom & Honey. This fragrance has such an inviting, flirty and fresh scent! I get compliments every time I wear it. The scent is subtly sweet and citrus-like and it works well with any of the scented lotions I pair it with. The best part about Jo Malone fragrances is that they can be worn alone or layered with others scents to reveal another amazing fragrance. Try a sample at Nordstrom or Neiman's; I think you'll love the many fragrances they have to offer.


The jewelry piece I've been loving the most this past year has been cuffs. They're so pretty and comfortable to wear, with a classic and elegant style to them. They compliment all my outfits and rose gold and gold work with absolutely everything! The two cuffs above are from Kate Spade and Henri Bendel. The Kate Spade gem cuff is currently 30% off on their website, using coupon code SPRINKLES and you can get 20% off your first purchase at Henri Bendel

For what seems forever, heels/wedges were my day to day wear, no matter the occasion. To me, they were the only way I felt sophisticated and confident. That was until my hubby started warming me up to the idea of casual sneakers. Kicks have really taken over my shoe game in 2016 and with the many stylish details to simple sneakers, I grew to be a huge fan. I narrowed down my list to the top 5 sneaker picks in a previous post, which you can see here. Sneakers like these by Kenneth Cole are what you'll find me wearing most of the time with casual and dressier looks. I'm now living proof that a nice pair of kicks can make you feel put together and sophisticated, while being comfortable at the same time. 

Lastly, to the best fashion piece I've purchased in 2016!  Every year I have this tradition to find a special dress or coat, and a pair of boots. Dresses and boots have been my thing since I was a little girl and I have tons of old photos to prove it.  So, I make it a mission to find the perfect dress and pair of boots for that year to add to my collection. This Fall, I purchased the Holding Horses Velvet Shirtdress from Anthropologie and it was love at first sight! If you follow my blog, I've expressed my excitement for the velvet trend and love how ethereal and romantic this dress is! It's incredibly pretty and I feel like Juliet when I wear it. It's perfect for date nights, outings with friends, and so much more! I purchased this in Mauve, which is a vintage rose shade, and it's also on sale with an additional 40% at Anthropologie using coupon code TAGTIME. 

That about wraps up my favorites for 2016! I'd love to hear what your favorites were this past year in the comments below. I can't wait to give them a try!  Until next time lovelies ....

Warmly ~
by mlekoshi