Velvet Blooms for the Holidays

Friday, November 18, 2016

More than ever, the velvet trend has been popping up everywhere we turn! From tops to dresses to shoes, you can pretty much get anything in velvet and it doesn't end at fashion. When you think of velvet, you can imagine fabrics that are soft and romantic, which are reminiscent of the Fall season. I'll be hosting Thanksgiving this year and I wanted to bring in Fall tones, with hints of Thanksgiving decor. With two holidays back to back, finding pieces that serve double duty are not only budget friendly, but can be displayed for much longer in your space. 

With this look, I wanted to incorporate soft blush and lilac tones with soft greens. These colors don't necessarily scream Thanksgiving, but they would definitely work hand and hand with warm pumpkin shades. 

For this velvet bouquet, I chose to use 3 velvet leaf florals, 2 in sage green and 1 in blush lilac.  To keep with this color palette, I picked up a couple of other faux florals from Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabric and Crafts. You can also visit your local Michael's Craft Store or Afloral online for other amazing flower options. Take your time selecting the right blooms by observing the detail of the petals, the leaves, and the material they're made of.  You want your faux blooms as high quality as possible - the more detail they have, the better. 

For an added touch of glam, I spray painted fresh baby's breath using a floral friendly metallic spray paint in Antique Gold.

Style Tip: Before cutting the floral stems, try playing around with varying heights by bending the stems until you find the desired height of your bouquet.  Once everything is to your liking, you can use your floral cutters to carefully snip the ends. 

Mixing faux and fresh blooms together infuses life into the bouquet and gives the appearance that it's actually real.  


A dainty owl Christmas ornament adds charm and character to this small stack of vintage books. 

Just remember that decorating for the holidays doesn't have to always be filled with traditional colors. The key is finding a happy balance with your favorite colors in shades that compliment the festive colors of that holiday.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with many blessings!  Til next time.....xoxo

Warmly ~

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