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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Here we are in the second week of October and I must say, this is turning out to be an exciting month! Last week, my sister Marcia came to visit for a few days and we had such an amazing time together. We went shopping at our favorite stores, did each other's makeup, tried new foods, and even went cycling.  It was my first time cycling (my sister's 1 millionth time), and I loved it! If you're in the Houston area, Soul Cycle in Memorial is a place I highly recommend and your first ride is free. 

A few days later, my mom arrived and it was an absolute joy to see her! To celebrate, we decided to invite my hubby's family over for brunch today.  We were hosting a fiesta themed brunch and to get in the spirit of things, I searched my wardrobe for a festive dress.  The vibrant colors and the pretty lace detail on the sleeves grabbed my attention and I thought it was a perfect fit. This was a purchase from Free People a few months back, but they have a gorgeous selection of floral dresses, lovely for brunch, date nights or special occasions. I have linked a few below and I hope you like them!

:: Free People Floral Dress Picks ::

Time with family is so precious and I try to enjoy every minute of it. Life may put us in places we never imagined, but I have grown to love my new home. It's where my kids were born and where I got married. I'm very thankful that we have the opportunity to spend quality time together throughout the year, whether it's flying to California, Texas, or good ole' Las Vegas (another family trip hot spot of ours). 

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week and I'll chat with you again soon!

Warmly ~

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