White + Fairy Tale Pumpkin Decor

Saturday, October 29, 2016

So here we are, only 2 days away from Halloween and we finally have the kid's costumes all situated and ready to go! Every Halloween, I'm reminded of all the adorable costumes they've worn over the years - from Madison's little owl costume to Austin's 50's Grease costume. Nowadays, it's much more than trick-or-treating for oodles of candy, but really cherishing these precious moments with the kiddos. 

Moving into Halloween, decorating with pumpkins a couple of weeks before Halloween may seem a little late for some. Having the decor last through Thanksgiving is always nice, since you don't have to make too many changes from holiday to the next. I used to make Halloween decor more festive with fun bats and crafty pumpkin garlands, but I wanted something more universal to fit both holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving) in my modern vintage home.

As a DIY project last year, I took these craft pumpkins and painted them in vintage white using acrylic paint. Martha Stewart gold leaf stickers and decorative adhesive trim from Michael's Craft Store was then used to embellish a few of these cuties.  It's such an inexpensive way to dress up your pumpkin decor and it cost less than $20 to achieve this whole look.

As you can tell, our living room is currently surrounded with wood panel walls, a feature of older Texas homes. I do appreciate the wainscoting detail, so the goal is to just give it a cosmetic makeover with white paint. If anyone can shed some light on how easy or difficult this task might be, I'd love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, these white pumpkins will be exactly what's needed to lighten up the room.

I was smitten over these fairy tale pumpkins from our recent visit to the pumpkin patch last weekend! The sage green hue provides a garden like feel, which is why these dreamy pumpkins are in the living & dining room, as well as in the main entry way of our home. Rainy days this month has caused algae to start forming along the brick flower bed, but it pleasantly adds character to this pumpkin display. 

Aside from adding a few more details, such as a couple of beautiful Fall floral arrangements, this will complete this simply pretty look. It's not too late to start decorating with pumpkins, so get creative and have fun adorning your space during this festive season. Have a safe and fun filled Halloween lovelies! Chat with you soon!

Warmly ~ 

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