A Romantic Autumn

Friday, October 14, 2016

There's no question that Autumn is the best time of the year for decorating!  It's the perfect opportunity to incorporate colors that you typically wouldn't use during the rest of the year - like shades of orange, yellow, and deep jewel tones. Personally, I like to keep things neutral in the house, but I was eager to create a romantic look of autumn colors.  

It's all about texture when I decorate, which is what I'm most known for. I love playing with dimension through textural pieces, as it livens up a space in such a beautiful way. When creating this centerpiece, I wanted to use this large candle holder that I picked up at a recent visit to Marshall's. The diamond detail is gorgeous and I love how the Amber hued glass reflects light when the sun gleams in. All I needed to do was remove the candle insert before adding a dozen of billowy white roses. 

Style Tip: When creating a floral arrangement, I like to cut the flowers at 3 different lengths for added dimension. Separate the flowers into three groups of four. Take the first set of 4 flowers and cut the stems to the desired height of your floral display. Then take another 4 flowers and cut these approximately 1 - 2 inches shorter than the first batch. Add these flowers to the vase, alternating between the tall and shorter stems. The last batch of flowers will be used to fill in any gaps. Cut each remaining stem accordingly to see what height works best to fill in any open space. Having your flowers at different lengths gives the appearance of a much fuller floral arrangement. 

These dark amber goblets dressed up this table setting elegantly with their unique patterned design. 

For a bit more glam, I added these pretty pillows at the head table. With velvet being a current trend in interior design, I knew this blush pillow would be the perfect fit. Doesn't the quilting remind you of Juliet's dress in Romeo + Juliet?  

Leaf Tray, Candle Holder & Goblets // Marshall's
Velvet Blush Pillow (Currently on Sale) // Target
Pink Bowls // A Vintage Find
White Dessert Plates // Anthropologie

To transition into a more festive look, I can always add a few small fairy tale pumpkins to the table, which is the beauty about decorating. As you gain more inspiration, you can just add as you go. Many times it's easier to work with a few decor pieces initially and then add more where you see fit.  This keeps you from over decorating and purchasing too many items that you may not need after all.   

I'd love to hear about how you've been decorating for the Autumn season. Please do tell! Have a great weekend ahead and I can't wait to chat with you again! 

Warmly ~

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