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Friday, September 9, 2016

This month I've been going through my closet, clearing out clothes and handbags to make room for new pieces and accessories to spice up my wardrobe. Tote bags have been a staple of mine for years and my love for them really began after having kids. I didn't feel like lugging around a diaper bag all day and tote bags just seemed more practical for my lifestyle. They hold everything that you can possibly need, they last the test of time, and there are just so many options out there for every budget.

Madewell Hole Punch Transport Tote 

I bought this tote bag recently during Madewell's Summer Sale in English Saddle. It goes with many of my outfits and the hole punch detail adds nice texture to this classic silhouette. I can't wait to take this with me to the farmer's market and to run my daily errands. You can find a similar one here or the classic Madewell Transport Tote in the same color here.

These are some others I've been eyeing lately:

1.  Banana Republic Pebbled Leather Mini ToteThis is a smaller version of your typical tote bag. It's beautiful and elegant, perfect for day and night. I also love that this has an adjustable crossbody strap option. I might be picking this up very soon because it's just so versatile. 

2. Street Level Faux Leather ToteThis is a great neutral tote bag that's at an amazing price point!. I can't tell you enough how much I love all shades of white, making this a definite taker!

3. Infusion 2-Tone Tote: For those that like to support the artisan community, this tote bag by Infusion is something I would definitely recommend. It's a blend of 100% hemp, canvas and leather, making it a durable tote. I personally own this bag and I've had it for a few years. The shop owner, Abby is truly talented and she produces nothing but the best.

4. Baggu Basic Tote BagLately, I've been totally drawn to mahogany hand bags. I love the richness of this color and it's very boho and a bit grungy,

Thanks so much for hanging out with me and let me know what bags you've currently been loving! Have a fun weekend ahead!

Warmly ~

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