Decorating with Vintage Mirrors & Frames

Monday, September 26, 2016

I remember the day I set foot into an antique store for the first time in the Height's area of Houston. There were furniture pieces I had never seen before with beautiful detail and unique lines. Everything just looked as if it had a romantic feel to it, from the brass, to the vintage lace, and then to the intricate detail in the vintage mirrors and frames. It was love at first sight and from then on, I've had this aesthetic of mixing vintage and modern elements. If I could have it my way, a section of my dining room would be a gorgeous wall of vintage mirrors!  

Let me tell you why I love them so much and how they could work well in your space. 

1. Vintage furniture, including mirrors and frames add tons of character to your space. They represent a time period in history and their style tells a story of the era they were made in. Most are one of a kind and make great conversational pieces when entertaining friends and family.

2. The beautiful detail in vintage mirrors and frames make them a perfect statement piece in any area of your home. They come in dimensions and shapes that you don't see today and they add wonderful texture to your space. It's funny, but I like to look at them as jewelry for your home. I chose to display our vintage mirror on a 3 tier planter that we have in the entryway of your home. It's the perfect spot to check your makeup and outfit before heading out the door.  

3. As much as I love vintage furniture, too much of one thing is too overwhelming and can make your space look outdated. Find a special vintage mirror or small collection of frames and marry them together with the rest of your existing decor. Create a collage of new frames mixed with the unique shapes of vintage frames. You can also use the frames as cute jewelry trays to adorn your bedside table.

4.  Home decor can be pricey at times and antiques are generally more affordable. Not only that, but they are made with better craftsmanship, since most pieces from the past were made by hand. You really get a bargain on a high quality piece and that's a score in my book!

Whether it's a large mirror from the art deco age or a collection of frames from the 70's, they all have a beauty worth displaying. Check out your local antique shops, online sellers via Etsy, or attend a fun flea market, such as Vintique to find these beautiful gems. I could talk forever on this subject, but I hope this sparks your interest to a way of decorating that you didn't imagine before. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Warmly ~    

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