The Hot Chocolate & Coffee Dessert Bar

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Everyone loves a good dessert table, from children to grown-ups alike. Let's face it, with an amazing assortment of candies, cakes, and sweet treats, what's not to love! They have really become a "must have" at any gathering and it's a display that you can really get creative with. A dessert table that I've been fancying over lately is the Hot Chocolate & Coffee Bar! Believe me, this is one worth chatting about and this is why. 

This idea first started when I was hosting my son's birthday bash this past October.  It was a rustic themed outdoor event and I was thinking of a creative way to entertain our "grown-up" guests, while the kids were off playing. Since I really enjoy great conversation with friends over a cup of coffee, I thought why not have a self-service Hot Chocolate & Coffee bar that everyone could enjoy. It ended up being a huge success and all our guests LOVED it! The parents made coffee at their leisure, using the Keurig we set up. We provided flavored coffee and creamers, along with various sugars to choose from. The kiddos loved it just as much and they had fun adding mini marshmallows to their hot chocolate, with help from the grown-ups (of course).   

I assure you that your guests will be delighted by this creative and clever "dessert" table and it is sure to gain much popularity!  Here are a few Hot Chocolate & Coffee Bars to spark your interest.


Display a cute selection of mugs for your guests to choose from. It makes hot chocolate and coffee even more enjoyable to drink.

Offering a variety of toppings makes it fun for your guests to add flavor to their hot beverages.  Mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, small caramel squares, and cinnamon sticks are all delicious options to serve. Don't forget the whipped cream!

Be creative with your display. You can make your table as simple or as decorative as you'd like.  Add pretty flowers, colorful donuts, petite macaroons, and other sweet treats for your guests to enjoy with their coffee. 

To make things even more special, try hand making a couple of goodies, like marshmallows or flavored creamers. Your guests will really appreciate the extra thought and it makes your dessert table all the more unique. Click on the links under the photos and it will send you directly to these enticing recipes.

I hope you love this creative dessert table as much as I loved writing about it! Have a great week friends!

Warmly ~

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