Ways to Make Your Event Vintage Chic

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

There's nothing prettier than mixing "old and new" when decorating an upcoming celebration. Vintage pieces add tons of character to any space and can really amp up the look of your party.  Here are some amazing ways to make your upcoming celebration Vintage Chic!


Vintage frames are one of the most versatile styling pieces and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. They make stunning backdrops, beautiful place holders, and gorgeous signs to direct your guests to different activities. They can even be used as a unique table runner, as shown in the yummy chocolate dessert table below. You can be as creative as you'd like, making this the perfect vintage piece to decorate with.

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by U and Me Photography

Image via Inspired by This
Photography by Lane Dittoe Photography

Image via Wedding Chicks
Photography by Danielle Poff Photography


If at all possible, I love to add vintage furniture to any and all events. They bring this level of elegance and sophistication and each piece is incredibly unique!  Add a lounge area for your guests or a vintage dresser to display your delightful desserts and gifts.  Vintage rentals can be a bit pricey, but if your budget allows it, I'd say this is a definite splurge. 

Sprinkles Styling Tip: Search vintage boutiques, flea markets, garage sales or even Goodwill for furniture pieces that are offered at very cheap prices. This can be a side table, dresser, chairs, etc. Re-purpose them using chalkboard paint or spray paint and you have yourself a vintage piece to use as a drink cart or as a prop for party favors and more.  

Photography by Landon Jacob Photography

Image via Wedding Chicks
Photography by Red Bloom Photography

Image and Photography by Stylish Patina


Lace is the perfect way to infuse texture into your party decor. They are gorgeous as table clothes and make lovely bunting and ribbon garlands as well. Perhaps a family member or friend has one on hand for you to borrow ... but if not,  Etsy and Ebay are great options to search for these pretty heirlooms. 

Image via Burnetts Boards
Photography by Anne Robert Photography

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Kristyn Hogan Photography

Image via Style Me Pretty


Add a splash of whimsy to your party with colorful goblets and plates! They are lovely to serve cocktails in and your guests will really enjoy their meals on the prettiest of plates. 

Image via Style Me Pretty
Photography by Jen Huang Photography

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Emily Wren Photography

Image via Found Rentals
Photography by Braedon Photography

Vintage pieces are fun to shop for and even more fun to decorate with! They can be used for all types of parties, from whimsical to modern, so decorate away with these pretties. I hope this inspires you to use a bit of "vintage" into your next event, making it something your guests will love, enjoy, and remember always!

Image via Found Rentals
Photography by Braedon Photography

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