Ways to Make Your Event Vintage Chic

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

There's nothing prettier than mixing "old and new" when decorating an upcoming celebration. Vintage pieces add tons of character to any space and can really amp up the look of your party.  Here are some amazing ways to make your upcoming celebration Vintage Chic!


Vintage frames are one of the most versatile styling pieces and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. They make stunning backdrops, beautiful place holders, and gorgeous signs to direct your guests to different activities. They can even be used as a unique table runner, as shown in the yummy chocolate dessert table below. You can be as creative as you'd like, making this the perfect vintage piece to decorate with.

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by U and Me Photography

Image via Inspired by This
Photography by Lane Dittoe Photography

Image via Wedding Chicks
Photography by Danielle Poff Photography


If at all possible, I love to add vintage furniture to any and all events. They bring this level of elegance and sophistication and each piece is incredibly unique!  Add a lounge area for your guests or a vintage dresser to display your delightful desserts and gifts.  Vintage rentals can be a bit pricey, but if your budget allows it, I'd say this is a definite splurge. 

Sprinkles Styling Tip: Search vintage boutiques, flea markets, garage sales or even Goodwill for furniture pieces that are offered at very cheap prices. This can be a side table, dresser, chairs, etc. Re-purpose them using chalkboard paint or spray paint and you have yourself a vintage piece to use as a drink cart or as a prop for party favors and more.  

Photography by Landon Jacob Photography

Image via Wedding Chicks
Photography by Red Bloom Photography

Image and Photography by Stylish Patina


Lace is the perfect way to infuse texture into your party decor. They are gorgeous as table clothes and make lovely bunting and ribbon garlands as well. Perhaps a family member or friend has one on hand for you to borrow ... but if not,  Etsy and Ebay are great options to search for these pretty heirlooms. 

Image via Burnetts Boards
Photography by Anne Robert Photography

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Kristyn Hogan Photography

Image via Style Me Pretty


Add a splash of whimsy to your party with colorful goblets and plates! They are lovely to serve cocktails in and your guests will really enjoy their meals on the prettiest of plates. 

Image via Style Me Pretty
Photography by Jen Huang Photography

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Emily Wren Photography

Image via Found Rentals
Photography by Braedon Photography

Vintage pieces are fun to shop for and even more fun to decorate with! They can be used for all types of parties, from whimsical to modern, so decorate away with these pretties. I hope this inspires you to use a bit of "vintage" into your next event, making it something your guests will love, enjoy, and remember always!

Image via Found Rentals
Photography by Braedon Photography

Warmly ~

Thursday Style Tips { January }

Thursday, January 21, 2016

With the new year here, it's time to go through your closet and freshen up your wardrobe with winter pieces. This is a fun season to play around with fashion because it's all about layering and showing off beautiful prints.

Here are some styles I've been wearing lately, that would make great additions to your wardrobe this season.


Knit sweaters are a staple in any winter wardrobe. They are the perfect layering piece over basic tops and they go with just about everything: from jeans to a pleated skirt. I also love grabbing a Pretties Collection knit scarf on my way out the door, which makes the perfect accessory. It can really add color and texture to your wardrobe. 


Minimal and classic are the ever popular black & white outfits. I seem to wear this color combo the most during this time of year, but it's definitely a style to incorporate all year through. I love wearing this look with a bold matte lipstick in a bright red or a rich berry shade. You gotta give it a try!


I can not tell you enough how much I have worn my army utility jacket this Fall and Winter. I've had this obsession with army green since last season and it works great with warm toned outfits, as well as casual athletic wear. For an urban look, I like to wear my jacket with a mini floral dress from Urban Outfitters, a pair of leather booties, and top it off with a cute beanie.


Speaking of athletic wear, many of us are hitting the gym this month to shed off those extra pounds from the holidays.  Thanks to my sister Marcia that works for Nike, she has really helped me to find stylish and functional pieces perfect for the gym. Personally, getting myself to exercise starts with feeling good in the sportswear I put on and having a really good pair of running shoes. 

I have the Nike Tech Fleece jacket (shown above), which I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago and I can't get enough of it! I love it so much and it's definitely worth every penny!


Plaid & Stripes are fabulous worn alone or mixed together. Plaid prints come in an array of styles and colors, so this is an excellent way to brighten up your winter outfits. They also work well with denim and can be dressed up with a nice pair of slacks or a pretty skirt. Very versatile!

I hope you like the looks and give them a try! If there's a style that you're loving at the moment, do tell! I'd love to hear all about it!

~ Warmly ~ 

Sweethearts Valentine's Day Mailbox - DIY

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day is less than 4 weeks away and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift to give to someone special!  Inspired by the iconic Sweethearts candies and love letters, I decided to make this whimsical Valentine's Day gift!

It merely took an hour to make and all my supplies were purchased for under $20 from Michael's Craft Store

Enjoy the tutorial!


>> 1 Creatology Light Pink Mailbox {8 in x 5.5 in} - other colors are available
>> 2 Packets of 16 Traditional Wooden Hearts {I used two different sizes: 1.5" and 1.75"}
>> 1 Box of Sweethearts Candies
>> 1 Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint in Beach Glass
>> 1 Sponge Brush
>> 1 Bag of White Crinkle Paper
>> Metallic Sharpie Pens in Gold and/or Silver
>> Clear Adhesive Glue or Glue Gun
>> Metallic Gold Doilies or Decorative Trim 


Start off by painting each wooden heart with a sponge brush on both sides, using the acrylic paint in Beach Glass. I love Mint and thought it would be the perfect complimentary color with the light pink mailbox. My kiddos, Austin & Madison had a fun time painting each of these pretty hearts; so it's a great project to do with the little one's. We applied two coats on each side and let the hearts dry about 10 minutes in between coats.


While you're waiting for the wooden hearts to dry, you can start decorating your mailbox. How exciting! You can leave the mailbox as it is, but I wanted to add beautiful detail to the top and base of the mailbox. I saw these gorgeous metallic gold doilies at Michael's and knew right off the bat, that I had to use them. They are also available in Blush Pink, Mint, and White. Another option is to add decorative trim around the box, like the zig zag ribbon shown in the supplies above. Play around with the placement of your decorations and be as creative as you'd like.

For the doilies, I basically mapped out where I wanted them to rest on the mailbox and then adhered them using a combination of clear tacky glue and a glue gun. 

As you can see below, I cut away a part of the doilie that covered the opening on the top, for a custom fit. 

For the inside of the box, I carefully tucked the rest of the doilie into the corner of the box and added glue to secure it in place.  

Now comes the fun part!  Once the hearts have fully dried, you can use a metallic gold or silver fine point Sharpie pen to write any special saying on the wooden hearts. If you are making this for a significant other, you can write all the things that you love about them. For Teacher's, your theme can be all the things your child enjoy's in school with their teacher ~ such as, I like... "painting with you" or "having story time with you."  For your family and friends, the themes can be fun and playful! You can write phrases that bring up silly memories or you can be sentimental and write why they mean so much to you. Since I used two different sized hearts, I wrote the sayings on the larger hearts and left the smaller ones blank. Pick any theme that you think fits best and go with it!

Once you're done, you can stuff the box with the white crinkle paper, as shown below, and then place your hearts nicely on top. 

Finally, sprinkle a few Sweethearts candies for an added surprise. Yum!

Carefully place the lid on top and Voila! You have yourself a beautiful gift to give to someone special. It's from the heart and it makes a wonderful keepsake. 

Have a fun and loving Valentine's Day friends! 



Thursday, January 14, 2016


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome friends! I'm Emmahlyn, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from California, now living life in Houston. I absolutely love fashion, interiors, and believe in florals always and always. My style is casual romance, with pops of simplicity and charm. I can never get enough of gorgeous patterns & textures, along with collecting unique vintage pieces that make my heart sing!

Pretty with Sprinkles was a decor shop I opened back in 2011, hand making items for weddings, special celebrations, and spaces. Nowadays, I'm sharing my current passions through my blog and enjoy styling spaces & special events locally! I'm also a wife and mama to my kiddos, Austin-Tyler & Eva-Madison.

Be sure to follow along for fashion and style inspiration, with a spritz of DIY's. Welcome to Pretty with Sprinkles and thank you for staying awhile!

Warmly ~


Setting the Style for your Wedding

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It is a brand new year and newly engaged couples are excited and eager to jump into the wedding planning process. Many couples, especially Brides-to-Be, look to resources such as, Pinterest, Instagram, and local Bridal Shows for wedding theme inspiration. The wedding theme can set the entire style and flow of the event: from the wedding party's attire, to the flowers & decor, the music selections, and finally to the type of wedding cake. With all the gorgeous options to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming when deciding which theme is best for your wedding.

A wonderful starting point is to incorporate a couple's personal style into the wedding. Couples are moving away from the traditional ideas of a ceremony and reception duo and making weddings all their own. Weddings are a celebration of your love and unity, so why not make it all about you as a couple and your experiences together.

Think of your first date, the places you've traveled together, your favorite foods, and the hobbies & activities you enjoy doing together. Use all these elements to make your wedding day all the more special and give your guests a beautiful way to look at your love story.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite wedding themes that may fit your personal style. Be as creative as you'd like and I hope this inspires to you create the wedding of your dreams that is uniquely yours.


>>  For the adventurers out there that love the outdoors and exploring new places, having an outdoor wedding, with a camp like feel, is a wonderful option to consider. Send out woodland wedding invitations and let the amazing trees and scenery of the venue be a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception. <<

Photography by Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

Image via Burnetts Boards
Photography by Noi Tran Photography

Image via Green Wedding Shoes
Photography by Dylan & Sara Photography

Image via Style Me Pretty
Photography by Ana NYC


>>  For couples that enjoy both the old and the new, a vintage chic wedding would be oh so lovely. Wear a lace wedding gown with a birdcage veil and have your groom in a 1950's styled suit; suspenders and all. Display vintage furniture and finds, and use soft florals to add elegance to your celebration. <<

Image via Style me Pretty
Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Photography by Lauren Apel Photo

Images via Ruffled Blog
Photography via Mustard Seed Photography
Balloon Tassels via Pretty with Sprinkles


>> This theme is for the charming, playful, and creative couple. Hand crafting your own decorations is a fun and personal way to add detail to your wedding. Make colorful paper confetti and fabric garlands, have centerpieces that describe your hobbies, and choose a charming wedding cake with a unique cake topper. <<

 Image via Wedding Chicks
Photography by Erin Leydon Photography

Images via Wedding Chicks
Photography by June Bug Company

>> Why not have a food truck for your guests to enjoy at the wedding reception. Serve your favorite foods, like ice cream, cupcakes, street tacos, and much more! This is such a fun idea and it's become a popular trend for all types of weddings.  <<

Photography by Connie Whitlock Photography


>> Bohemian weddings have been an absolute favorite of mine and it allows couples to be free-spirited and unique with their wedding celebration. You can be as casual or as dressed up as you'd like. It's all about ethereal and flowy elements, beautiful wildflowers and lace, with pops of vibrant colors. Boho weddings are also a great option for couples that wish have a more intimate gathering, with close family and friends.  Write your own wedding vows, have a live band play songs that are reminiscent of your love, and give your guests petite dream catchers as favors to represent the romantic and dreamy vibes of your wedding. <<

 Image via Love My Dress
Photography by Miss Gen Photography

Images via Green Wedding Shoes

Image via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Tealle Photography

Images via Green Wedding Shoes
Photography by Studio Castillero

Images via Ruffled Blog
Photography by Gina & Ryan Photography

What style bests describes you and your fiance?

~ Warmly ~
by mlekoshi