Friday, June 23, 2017


It's officially Summer and I'm ready to jump right into the season with my favorite bags of the season! From straw to rattan, I'm all about this fun summer essential that's perfect for everyday, poolside or at the beach. What I love most about these summer bags is the organic look and texture they add to any outfit. It screams Summer and I want to embrace this season that I love so much! 


Way back when, woven bags were your go to beach bag, but they have evolved into so many cute styles that make it hard to resist falling in love with them. Luckily enough, these bags are kinder on the wallet and you can find a version from your favorite brands for under $70.

I've been very much into pops of black this past month and I love the element of sophistication it adds to my soft and flowy summer looks. Even with this navy dress from H&M, which can double up as a cover-up, looks magnificent together. It's nice to have a stand out color in your Summer wardrobe (whether it's black, red or green), among the whites and beige's we normally wear this time of year.

Below are some summer bags in different styles that I'm obsessing over, including this new striped bag that I recently picked up last month from Nordstrom Rack! The stripes and pom-pom detail are so fun and I love displaying this in my hallway as a reminder of the Summer season. I hope you pick up one of these pretties for yourself and happy shopping loves! 

Warmly ~

Monday, June 19, 2017

SUMMER ESSENTIALS {Fitness & Travel}

Travel season is upon us and potential vacation spots have been running through my mind nonstop. Ever since moving to Texas years ago, the summers have been reserved for California with my side of the family. It's really the only time we get to spend together, with the exception of Christmas sometimes, and the kids really look forward to it. This year however, we wanted to switch things up and do something a little different and more low key. 

Relaxing, but affordable getaways is what I'm more interested in this year, perhaps a beach house stay or a trip not too far away, like New Orleans to enjoy the amazing food and historical attractions. My little sister just moved to Las Vegas and I'd also love to visit her if I can manage to score some decently priced tickets. I'm telling you, plane tickets for a family of 4 add up so quickly. Since it's high peak season for travel, you can expect to see tickets ranging from the mid $200's to nearly $600 for domestic travel alone. Insane, I know!

Pink Quartz Earrings from World Market

No matter the destination, I'll be turning to a few essentials that'll be a huge help during the mini trips we take this Summer. One of them being this rose gold waist band that I absolutely adore! Initially meant for hold my belongings at the gym, I've been loving this waist band, bum bag, modern fanny pack (what have you), for so much more! It's incredibly comfy and the metallic rose gold makes it so stylish and cute to wear.  I've worn it to amusement parks and the farmer's market and it was seriously the best!  I didn't miss my crossbody bag one bit when I wore this! And I get compliments too, every time I wear it!  They just love the convenience of this bag and this modern take on a retro classic. A brilliant style in my option. I can fit my iPhone 6S, credit cards, keys, and cash, without it looking bulky and the straps are easily adjustable.

I also have the matching earbud case that's perfect for the gym and for travel. I don't know how many times I lost or got my earphones tangled in my tote. This case has made things so much easier for me and the little investment of $10 was well worth it to help keep me organized.  I've even stowed my earrings and necklace in this case before working out. It's definitely a cute compliment to my waist band and is very much needed.

My Tagalongs Rose Gold Waist Band (Other Styles are Available)
Other's to check out: great for fitness & travel:
Bliss Water Bottle Carry All Armband Touch

I will surely be leaning on these essentials during our summer outings and travels, whenever they may be.  Hopefully, a couple of destinations will be booked soon for travel in July and I simply can't wait! Where will you be heading off to this summer?! 

Warmly ~  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Happy June dear friends! Summer is upon us and life is starting to settle down from the hustle and bustle of the kids ending another school year. Life was really on the go for the last few weeks and I wanted to chat about all that's been going on lately, along with sharing some current favorites.

I've come to realize that June started off as a time for rest and it's something that I truly needed. Between mommyhood, planning my daughter's 7th birthday party, renovations going on with the house, and the school year coming to an end, my body started slowly down on it's own. There really wasn't much I could do about it. I wasn't feeling too well, likely because of stress, and I needed to just take a long breather to bring me back to calm. It was so nice to have the kiddos home with me again during the day and I used these past two weeks to spend some quality time with them. I also started designing and creating more, which I feel is my calling in life. I love planning events and turning them into something beautiful and unique. I was in my element again and was really taking some time to enjoy these simple pleasures in life.     

If someone were to ask me, "what is the one thing that keeps you inspired," I would say flowers in a heart beat. Flowers play a big part in my life because they not only constantly inspire me, but they bring positivity and joy to my soul. Since I needed some uplifting, I wanted to shower my home with one of my favorites, which are peonies. Dahlias, roses, and peonies are what make my heart sing and I hope to one day have a beautiful garden in my backyard with these blooms. Peonies are wonderfully fragrant and fluffy, and they're a dream to decorate with. The end of Spring and early Summer is when you'll see peonies more available in your local flower shops and grocery stores, which is why I grabbed 5 pretty bunches recently to place throughout my home. 

I'm also a major sucker for pitchers and love using them for flowers. These two pitchers from Marshall's were right up my alley, from the bohemian lace design to the eclectic vibes of the blue. My style closely resembles an Anthropologie meets Garden point of view, so finding these beauties at such an amazing price point was absolutely perfect. Terrain and World Market are also favorite places to find eclectic and unique home goods. 

Speaking of World Market, I also love their unique jewelry and practically everything there, for that matter. These gorgeous pink quartz earrings struck me at first glance and I've been loving them ever since. They're available in store and online for only $14.99, but here are a couple of other pretty drop earrings that I've been eyeing: here, here, and here. If you love the bohemian look, which is perfect for Summer, World Market is really a great place to find gorgeous jewelry and decor!

Since I've been getting more in touch with my creative side again, I've been making flower crowns and hair clips again, which I've had so much fun doing! I have a few plans I'm putting into place with my Etsy shop and hope to re-open by the end of the summer, with a new style of pretties mostly catering to weddings and special celebrations.  

I strongly believe that we need to take some time aside to concentrate on ourselves to recharge and get inspired once again, especially after a very busy time in our lives. And it may come during the turn of every new season.  It's important to enjoy life and all the beauties around us. I hope you have a wonderful week and I'm so excited to be back!

Warmly ~